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  1. Basically the whole damn storyline is one great big test of your " f word" nerves!!!
  2. how many endings are there anyway?i have seen only 2
  3. this random item system really kills me,damn <_<
  4. thanx people,if u ask me, the main thing that needs 2 b fixed is the storyline (kotor 2) , and they need 2 add some cool full-helmets.And another thing, Revan is way better than the exile!
  5. alright people,here's something to blab about.i need your opinion on this.What do you think is the most disturbing thing in KOTOR 2?What do you dislike the most? Maybe the the all mighty creators will actually take our opinions seriosly.......yeah right and my name is "darth Full of sh*t "........so?
  6. she's just a weird old woman,that's all :D
  7. basically he's a bad motherf..........errr....guy
  8. yeah,but oyou have more room for crystals if you are carrying 2 lightsabers.you can put more crystals in 2 single lightsabers than in 1 doublebladed therefore increase more of your stats , correct?
  9. thanx,by the way,is the ending any different when you play as a female?
  10. i've played kotor 1 and 2 a couple of times and i NEVER chose dueling instead of 2 weapon fighting,i mean does it have ANY advantages at all? plus you can always increase your stats more by carrying 2 lightsabres (more crystals ). Am i wrong? anyone?
  11. alright,basically the topic says it all.i didn't even know the disciple could join my party,so,how do i get him to join???
  12. bastla /carth subplots?what are those anyway?i've never heard of them.an answer would be a wise choice at this particular time
  13. yeah....atris pretty much sucks.......but BANDON......my god.... btw. what's up with sion's accent? i think he and bandon should hook up
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