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  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Jocasta_Nu.jpg Yep, Jocasta Nu, the Jedi Librarian (like Master Dorak, except he's called The Jedi Chronicler) during the Prequel Era. Just a thought that the artists were not so creative after all. I don't believe it to be coincidential though cuz the cuts were so similar.
  2. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Remember how fighting Dark Jedi in KOTOR I meant that you had to deal with their force powers? Not so in KOTOR II. They are basically just regular melee opponents with lightsabers. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yes, I see what you mean, but I won't look at it as difficulty though, but rather a script mess-up from obsidian's part. I remebered the first time I encountered a dark jedi in K1..though I had a lightsaber along with Jolee and Juhani, they seem pretty strong, in that..they wiped out my entire party in seconds using only force powers in the first quarter of the fight and then, slicing through the rest of the fight.
  3. Well, yeah thx for the heads-up dash...okay..mebe I was a little paranoid abt that buggy game. Nvrtheless, many thx from me, in a way of saying: if it weren't for this mod, I would have given up on buying K3(if it is in the works). :D So you're not working on the Droid Planet? Well that just sucks..but hey, it's not all that bad considering the amount of work you put on, for a volunteer.
  4. I've been to the Restoration Project mod site and I d/led everthing from there..I'd just like to say..they really did a good job, at LEAST, some of the major gameplay probs are FIXED. Anyway..haven';t seen anything new on the site these past few days..it's not dead is it? I sure hope not. Keep up the good work guys. Btw, the last misc download: Droid Factory and Droid Planet Modules...what does it do anyway? Can someone enlighten me.
  5. Okay now I'm really bugged* Those Q&A interns shoulda been sacked long ago.. My female LS Revan is being referred to as a male DS! (I found this out after Kreia begin talking about Revan with handmaiden at the academy entrance and when t3 showed the exile trial on the ebon hawk) Now they'd just messed-up the game for good! So is there a fix for this? My best guess is well; there is none?
  6. Let me just say than you all so much..I thought I was doomed there and there. Obsidian seemed to mess this up thankx to LA.. U guys are such a great help thank you again. :D
  7. Okay..see, I've gotten till Telos polar area (u knoe, the one where you'd have to fight 3 HKs) after I killed them and finished the handmaiden convo, I went to talk to her half-sister and she mention something like Atton having Echani skill. So I decide to talk to him..instead I get a Cheat node..2 cheat nodes to be exact: 1. Jump convo with Atris 2.Continue Kreia convo I tried each one (saving and loading to see which one's better). 1. one was okay..2. tho, was diff. I thought after clicking that would likely cause me to chat with Kreia..unfortunately, after trying to speak with her, her dialogue seem to skip itself and return back to normal gameplay!!! I tried again and again and its still the same..what can I do??Pls help, is anyone getting this bug too? Funny thing tho: companoins (Atton & Kreia) were there standing near the secret base's door at the time and did not follow me around like they should?
  8. lol, how about Dr. Who? maybe he travelled to the Star Wars Universe, and 3 years after KotOR2, they started making advanced T3 units, which then became known as "Darlics" and instead of beeping, they speak.. and usually say "Extirminate!" <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Its "Daleks" actually..lol and those were the worst design of an alien life form I've ever seen..
  9. Actually, you're right. ..now that I realised why its called KNIGHTS of the Old Republic.
  10. yeah, I've thought of that too..lol I dismantled some of my lego figures just to make the Ebon Hawk...too bad i don't have a digital camera to post it here..
  11. I think there is a hidden one..which could only be triggered when asking specific questions to Kreia..its one where Kreia tell you of her past, if I remember correctly, it shows Sion and that other masked guy betraying Kreia when she was a Sith. Sion will grab Kreia by the mouth and knock her head against a wall, punch her twice then throw her to the floor..(that's a mouthful)
  12. Oh..I see..I haven't destroy the Ravager..so mebe you're right, but then again I'm having NPCs tell me Revan is a darksider.. Thx again anyway..
  13. Obsidian is a starting company anyway...and as for starters...I don't believe they should handle big title franchises like Star Wars and (as if they're too good at it.) Neverwinter Nights 2!!! Trust me if you think K2 is bad...you'll cry and beg that Bioware take back that NWN project, which unfortunately..isn't going to happen. Obsidian seem to think they're very good at making RPGs in such short period (since they did sign the contract with LA...). Well..i say let them ...see if ppl care to "bet" their money on another unfinished game..They've certainly ruined my KOTOR experience, what' to stop them from ruining another great game... PS Yes, this is just another, inevitable complain..as much as i like it to be a compliment.
  14. Actually, K3 dont really need another Jedi hero....Star Wars isn't always about Jedi!! I like Bounce's idea, besides who says Bounty Hunters can't kill Jedi?? Jango Fett had killed Jedi..A Jedi is not the only powerful being in the whole of the SW universe... I would much rather K3 be as open-ended as possible, like Galaxies..except, in K3 we don't have to pay every month..
  15. Yeah I did that..don't tell me Revan had to be male??Cuz I had my Revan a female...Is that why I don't get the subplot?? Tell me when exactly you get the Carth plot?? Thx for answering anyway..
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