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  1. I don't think I've done that before. I guess I'll have to try it out the next time I play.
  2. I generally prefer blue, although I tend to use a different colour for each character I play.
  3. I'm playing Oblivion at the moment. It's running on an old graphics card at the moment, so all the graphics are messed up, but I should be getting a new graphics card next week!
  4. I completely agree with that. TSL could have been an excellent game, if the stuff wasn't cut out. Instead, it's just a good game, but one that is still quite enjoyable.
  5. I think you just have to be dark side actually. My character wasn't a Sith Lord, but still appeared on the start screen.
  6. There's no real point to unlock all the movies you can get, but it sure feels annoying if you haven't got them all, because you feel you've missed out on something in the game.
  7. I actually enjoyed KOTOR II more than Jade Empire. The real time combat in JE wasn't very good, and it was too short also.
  8. I didn't really think much of it. I just seemed like a nice touch to make you really feel like you had just become a swoop racing champion. I suppose there could have been something bigger going on, but I didn't really think about it at the time.
  9. I didn't really mind that most of the characters from K1 didn't make any "memorable cameos" in K2. Having T3 and HK-47 back in the crew was enough to satisfy me.
  10. What about people without broadband who don't want to wait ages for the Steam service to activate their game? The Xbox version will be a better option, even if the graphics are worse. (I'm assuming we won't need a connection to Xbox Live for this game. I'll be really annoyed if we do.)
  11. Yes, Kae was one of Revan's masters. The Disciple mentions it if you question him when you first meet him in the Jedi Enclave.
  12. I think we would have appreciated the forms more if they actually had different sets of animations, so we could see a visual difference. We probably don't pay much attention to how the numbers coming up to represent damage are changing. Changing forms was really unnecessary for all but the most difficult battles anyway.
  13. It seems that Revan would have had to predict an awful lot, to get the Exile to follow him to the Unknown Regions. I know he's meant to be a great strategist, but even in the world of Star Wars, planning this much in advance seems a bit farfetched.
  14. I've played through KOTOR I with subtitles off, but it didn't really improve the experience, and didn't feel any more cinematic. It was really boring having to sit through the conversations though, and since then I've always played with subtitles on, so I could just read everything and skip past it. I've never played KOTOR II without subtitles.
  15. I doubt it would have been that hard for Revan to leave without Zalbaar. After all you're not forced to take him with you all the time in KOTOR 1. It would probably have been easy for Revan to sneak off without him knowing.
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