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  1. This have never happened before Anyway..i will try what you guys have told
  2. I have start a new game..and right now i am at Nar Shadaa My problem is...after i have defeated the Red Eclipse in the Hawk...i am supposed to see Visquis in a hologram..telling me to meet him in the Jek Jek Tar bar....but he never show up in the hologram....i don't know what to do really I have givin the 2000 Credits to the little guy.who is supposed to tell the exchange that i don't like them
  3. God of War 2 Damn this game is awesome
  4. I have tried the demo..and it kick *** *Spoiler*
  5. Well i don't know if all of you know this...but i have found something last night *Spoiler Tag*
  6. 1) No it was not his/her choice 2) he/she would probably gone with Bastila 3) It was a crime
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