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  1. Hi guys! Has all planned content for PoE2 been released now? I'm waiting to start the game until it's complete.
  2. I'd love to multiclass him as a Priest of Eothas myself. That was also one of my considerations. But for all we know his backstory in PoE2 is about letting go of Eothas.
  3. I'm sure lots of players would be grateful for being able to multiclass Edér into a ranger so he could have a pet.
  4. As I said in the other thread, I was looking forward for the full customizability (within the limits of the assigned classes), so color me a bit disappointed by the restrictions.
  5. Or is this a change? This is what I understood the first time they announced the system way back. Companion class/multiclassing was always meant to be limited. It's my understanding that back when the multicalss system was still closer to D&D 3E, companions would need to have their first level in one of their assigned classes, but every level after that was completely up to the players. Some classes might be odd choices for some companions, but I believe the main idea was that it's up to the player to justify it to himself. I guess that when the actual multiclass system was announced, we somehow interpreted this as the companions needing to have at least one of their assigned classes, but we would be able to multiclass them however we want. Or maybe that was even suggested by Josh, I don't recall exactly. Personally I liked that idea. I can understand that it might seem a bit unfair that those companions with two assigned classes (Edér, Serafen, Xoti, Tekehu) would have more options than those with only one class (Pallegina, Aloth, Maia), but still. More flexibilty is always a good thing.
  6. Aww that sucks, I was actually considering making Edér a Fighter/Priest of Eothas, what with his god being reborn and all that. Then again that might be completely contradictory to his story which we know nothing about yet. Also no Cipher/Rogue for Serafen...
  7. I'm very curious about the Cipher/Monk (in particular Soul Blade/Shattered Pillar). Anyone given it a try yet?
  8. Regardless of the number of poe1 builds or poe2 builds or multiclassing or whatever, the issue is that progression when you pick a single class character *feels* linear. Choices *are* limited. And I think this is potentially concerning. And by potentially, I mean that we haven't seen high level talent trees or unique items. This is also what worries me most. I very much appreciated how PoE1 allowed me to custom tailor each party member to the role my party needed most (even though their classes were set in stone). In particular I found that the flexibility which PoE1's general talents offered worked great in combination with the option to respec our party. We could swap out companions and respec them to rebalance the party as a whole. It offered a way to change our party tactics once a certain composition got stale. I would swap one or more companions every few hours and every time the party dynamics would change a bit. It was great. I'm sure there's a way to have this flexibility without general talents. I just don't think being forced to multiclass is that way. Since it has been confirmed that the respec will not apply to classes, I'm afraid that our party members' roles will be largely defined from the start (being character creation for the PC, recruitment for the companions). I'll admit that I haven't played the beta but from what I'm reading it doesn't look like there's much versatility within (single) classes. Therefore under the new system a respec will not allow us to fundamentally change a party member's role within the party, and we would be stuck with certain companions not out of choice but out of necessity. So for example if I would like to swap out a melee companion on which my frontline relies heavily, I would not (or less) be able to boost the melee skills of other party members to rebalance the group as a whole. I absolutely loved the announcement that we would be able to multiclass in PoE2. But honestly I'm starting to love it less the more I read about its - imo unnecessary - consequences.
  9. you continuing to gloss over how are able to create many more new builds in deadfire than you could create in poe. is not a different problem. you ain't making sense. to make a weapon-focused druid in poe, the character chose the appropriate (essential) general talents. there were no multiclassing in poe. poe2 achieves greater customization through multiclassing. can make a weapon-focused druid in both games, but the method to achieve must needs be different.No. I can *not* make a weapon-based druid in both games. I can make a druid with fighter levels. I can not make a pure druid character who has weapon skills, but *no other fighter qualifiers because they're still just a damn druid*. A druid/fighter and a druid with a few weapons talents are not the same character--they play differently because they *are* different. It's like the rogue. I can't make a rogue who plays *exactly* like a rogue but has the high-speed duel weapons of a PoE 1 rogue. I can make a fighter/rogue--but *that* rogue plays differently, even if I never take a single fighter talent other than two weapon fighting, because it has bonus deflection, endurance, and accuracy to reflect the fact that it's not just a rogue--it's been *trained as a fighter*. It will progress differently over time than a pure rogue. It's not the same character. A rogue/fighter isn't the same as a PoE rogue with two-weapon fighting. It doesn't play the same; the experience even outside of gameplay isn't the same. I guess that's the price we have to pay for multiclassing? It doesn't have to be.
  10. Non-beta-player here, but I felt like weighing in anyway. All this talk of single classes feeling narrowed down, made me think of something: Wouldn't it be preferrable if subclasses, rather than being mutual-exclusive choices at character creation, were implemented as ability trees? Think of Tyranny: picking an ability in one tree did not exclude the abilities in other trees, but true specialization was only possible for one tree. I've never been a huge fan of BG2's kits and therefore wasn't very wild about the subclass announcement during the Fig campaign. The general consensus amongst beta-players in this topic only seems to confirm my feelings. When it comes to classes (or character building in general) I much prefer to have my versatility along the way rather than only at the start, and therefore really liked Tyranny's take on this. Of course this wouldn't be possible for all classes. I'm mainly thinking of mutually exclusive subclasses such as priests and paladins in particular, but I'm sure versatility could be introduced for these classes in some way.
  11. So I finished Tyranny for the first time this week. Liked it but the combat was definitely too easy (and I played on hard). Is it more challenging on PotD?
  12. I still haven't played Stick of Truth but I read that it would be included with the sequel so I was waiting for that to release (I know it was included with the pre-order but I have a solid distrust for pre-ordering things). I can't find anything about it on Steam though. Can anyone confirm?
  13. I'll add that such a toggle should only apply to combat auto-pauses. The auto-pause for found hidden object should be excluded.
  14. Well, at least it's something that can be easily remedied. I'm also pretty slow on watching TV shows so I still haven't seen The Wire. Whoever hasn't seen The Wire needs to stop wasting their time on whatever other inferior shows they are watching and start with The Wire right now. It literally is the best television ever created. The only bad thing I can say about it is that no other show afterwards will ever compare. I still can't believe why Breaking Bad rates higher at imdb (well actually I can, it's because of people downvoting The Wire even though they've never even seen it, just so their favorite BB would rate higher). I thought BB was fun for sure, but The Wire is on a whole other level. It's reality disguised as fiction. It's an indepth social analysis of the struggle between the individual and the system. It's absolutely essential for anyone with half a brain.
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