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  1. Is it faster if you are light side or darkside?
  2. Cheats make the game no fun! I used to use cheats all the time, games got boring much quicker because there is no challenge! :D
  3. if Sith Marauder and Jedi Weapon Master have the same tactics, why choose one over the other?
  4. I say Jedi Watchman and Sith Assassin!!! :^_^:
  5. what planet is the quickest way to get a light sabre in Kotor 2?
  6. K2 was the better chip out of the bag! It had more depth to it!
  7. the first planet that you are on in Kotor 2 is the worst!!!
  8. My guy's name: Nelu Corastan White Bald EVIL All Black Robes Doubled SIlver Light Sabers Lvl.50 Sith Lord
  9. thank you every body for your help and guidelines! I am just sooo bored every day because I am out of school right now and have nothing to do! I will try just re-installing it and if that doesn't work, I'll communicate with microsoft!!! :^_^:
  10. ok, I have no idea what my computer specifications are. Windows XP Home Nothing else was open at the time!!!
  11. i have already un-installed it and i am about to re-install it! what is the directory? i want to delete it just in case like you said!
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