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  1. I agree. While the old Jedi Order is flawed, at least they didn't allow politics in (I don't like politics in real life).
  2. Not having a lightsaber didn't annoy me, until around mid-Telos, when you leave the Citadel Station.
  3. Yes, you had more influence with Visas than the Handmaiden. When this happens, the Handmaiden believes you're spending more time with the enemy (her words, not mine) and as such, she refuses to talk to you, save for a scene near the end of the game. Personally, talk to the Handmaiden when she's a Jedi and then talk to Visas, or try to achieve both at the same time. Plus, the Handmaiden is a much better Jedi (if trained right) and a much better character, in my opinion. So, I hope you have an earlier save, where you can still train the Handmaiden, otherwise, if you're desperate, you'll
  4. Whenever I play Star Wars games, I usually stick with canon. Revan: Male - Revan, for one sounds more like a male name than female, the romance with Bastila always intrigued me more than the one with Carth (which I haven't seen, beyond videos on YouTube) and I can't stand playing female for too long. Jedi Exile: Female - I actually don't mind which gender I play as here, since both have their good points, but I prefer playing female nowadays.
  5. So, what is this thread about? Is it about which character we prefer, or which character would win in a fight? Well for both questions, the Jedi Exile wins both, for me. I've always preferred the Jedi Exile, due to his/her background being more interesting than Revan's and in a fight, the Jedi Exile would win, due to how much more evident it is that he/she is a lot more powerful, compared to Revan.
  6. Atton Rand: A great variation on Han Solo and has some of the best lines in the game. Handmaiden: A powerful fighter and improves the plot considerably. I wish she joined the Female Exile and replaced G0-T0.
  7. Telos and Dantooine, for me. And for all the Nar Shaddaa haters, despite the fact you hated it, I thought it was the most enjoyable planet in the game, even if there was a lot of cut content. Telos: It's just boring. The grassland part with Bao-Dur is slightly hard for no apparent reason and the Citadel Station sections are very boring. The only Telos section I liked was the Secret Academy part. I didn't like the Ravenger section either, but that doesn't count, since it isn't a planet. Dantooine: Didn't like it in the first game, but I hated it here. Glitchy (like in the first game) an
  8. Favourite Place from KotOR: Korriban - I just like the fact that I have to pretend to be a Sith to find the (last) Star Map and that it has some of my favourite tasks in the game. Favourite Place from TSL: Nar Shaddaa - Despite the situation you're faced with (what with everyone trying to kill you), I really like this planet. I enjoyed it in the Jedi Knight series and I enjoyed it here. This is my first post here since a very long time ago.
  9. I'll copy what I said on LF. I've seen your Darth Zayne movie and I liked it. Since you did TSL, perhaps you could do a similar one for KOTOR. My opinion, but your choice. I don't mind if the character is LS or DS and as long as he/she has a name, that would be great.
  10. I agree with what TA has to say about TSL being better than KOTOR. KOTOR is overrated, compared to TSL and BioWare are also overrated, when it comes to KOTOR. Some say that Obsidian rushed TSL, which they did, but they wouldn't have rushed it, if LucasArts hadn't forced them to release the game for Christmas. So I blame Lucas for the incomplete game, but even that doesn't put me off the game. TSL has a more mysterious and intriging story, compared to KOTOR's similiar story to the OT. TSL is the OT's PT. It changed the way Star Wars stories flowed and characters like Kreia made TSL much more in
  11. Do you think it was really his choice? No, it was not. What if Juhani and Jolee were not involved? He would have probably gone with Bastila. What the Council did to him was: An act of war.
  12. Jedi Master for me. I always pick that class for LS and Sith Lord for DS, although I did pick Sith Assassin on my first ever game on TSL. Off-Topic: I'm back on Obsidian, since I forgot about this place and it seems to have improved. Has someone given it a bit of a makover.
  13. I doubt another game in the Jedi Knight series won't be made soon. Maybe next year, but not now. I'd rather stick with the KOTOR series for now.
  14. Here is my list: Starting ship: A ship owned by Slobba the Hutt, a crime lord from Sleheyron. Here you are already a Jedi Guardian/Consular/Sentinel, but you haven't trained as a Jedi yet. Telos: Where the Jedi Academy and starting planet should be if the Jedi Temple on Coruscant isn't available. Telos is where you'll learn the ways of the Force. Perhaps for the entire game, the Jedi Temple could be being rebuilt. Alderaan: This could be the second planet and most of us haven't seen it, other than ROTS. I imagine it to be Dantooine, only better. Sleheyron: The end of the Slobba
  15. Well duh. :crazy: Of course Ludo Kressh was powerful. He had to have been, to have become the Dark Lord of the Sith in the first place. <_< <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ok, but how many Sith other than Ludo have been hit a rock and started to bleed? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> It must have been a very sharp rock.
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