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  1. visas causes more problems than she can make up for while in truth she sucks if you use her without anyone else to support her like say another melee person, when I put her in a group with the handmaiden even though they don't like eachother they work quiet well as a team I have found out the handmaiden takes most of the attention and you can stealth visas and sneak attack the people attacking her
  2. I have to put in my two cents, I personally don't like and don't use Kreia she tries to turn all your allies against you she underminds your authority when she gets the chance, yes she tries to make you the greatest thing the galaxy has ever known but she tries to exile you from your friends and from the path you choose, when you are making choices throught the game she only gains influence through the evil selfish choices you make, so in this since she is a sith, but she wishes to see you live and grow and she tries to protect you, that is sort of a jedi way so in a way she is both
  3. ya I got mad so I started a new game this time I have better stats though and the handmaiden is always gonna be in my party when I realized I couldn't make her a jedi then I got royaly pissed and attempted to get Kre dead and to keep her that way.....didn't work....damn................................anyways I started over and decided to cheat alittle and gave myself all the parts to HK-47 one of my favorite characters I find his responses to everything funny, and sometimes quiet true to how things in the real world would be done, i.e. kill the meat bag that stole your money, and haveing somet
  4. I had a cutscene on Dantooine with the handmaiden and Krea, Krea had alittle talk with handmaiden and somehow got her to hate me and she never talks to me anymore and I had never got to turn her to a jedi I don't know exactly what happened, somehow Krea convinced her that I liked Visas more and listened to her more and loved her and not the handmaiden and it pissed her off, like I said now she doesn't want to talk to me, first I thought her influence went to zero but I went and did a few influence gains with her and she still won't talk to me and it pisses me off and I want to kill Krea way be
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