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  1. Does anyone know where I could look for KotOR for Xbox? The Xbox and the game belonged to my ex boyfriend so I'm looking to get it for myself. Thanks!
  2. yeah....

    that's the understatment of the year!

  3. I am in the belief that religion is a touchy subject anywhere lol.

  4. I hear ya. I'd probably be posting on here more if I was playing KOTOR 2 currently. I get like that every time I play it - I feel like talking about it more, then. But I've been playing all kinds of other things the past few months. Still fun to pop in here from time to time.♥

  5. *bangs head on table*

    AHHHH!! who knew that religion on this site was such a touchy issue. i just get done with a talk with someone and then here comes DeadlyNightShade having to make me have to go over everything all over again. *sighs*

    oh well....

  6. oh. it's ok. same here. personally, i thought both of them were terrible choices. although, i do have high hopes for Obama now that he's president. i'm very eager to see if he can make his vision for the future to come to pass.

  7. Hey! Sorry it took me so long to answer you! I dont log on to this site that often anymore. :( I spend most of my time on deviantart! Anyway, I didn't vote for Obama but I cant change the election. I'm willing to give him a chance. I just hope he can bring the change to this country that he keeps promising. How have you been?

  8. same here. what do you think of the election results?

  9. Hey! Not much! Just surviving! How are you doing?

  10. that's like saying that i prefer cats over dogs because my genetics tell me so.

  11. i disagree. you're saying that no one should be complimented because if they're pretty or ugly depends on their genetics. that has no base in the argument. there is nothing wrong with vocalizing your admiration for that beauty. someone's sexual orientation is not based not genetics. it's purely a personal choice.

  12. Why can't you just say someone is good looking, Architect? You seem to go on about it in a odd way. It always sounds like you're half complimenting them/ half insulting them. Just go on and say it: "WOW! Brittany looks nice."

  13. *shakes his head at Archie's compliment*

    Archie, I eat alphabet soup and crap out better compliments than you.

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