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  1. So wait you're leaving the forum? Why? I'm currently posting on 16 forums...you don't have to leave a forum to go to another you know...

  2. Don't get me started on Senses Fail, I truely hate the band like no other...

  3. lolcats and epic fail are the same thing

  4. yeah....

    that's the understatment of the year!

  5. the idea is. if god exists, why does all the evil happen? So... they put God on trial. Watch it. It's a great movie!

  6. Hate the sin. Love the sinner.


    so I guess you could say.... i love homosexuals... i just don't like homosexuality. I watched an iteresting movie... It was called "God on trial". It's about jews in a german death camp.

  7. Tax breaks none the less. It's not that I'm against equal rights and all. It's just that equality doesn't happen over night. The sudden cut in taxes will greatly affect the country.

    btw, merry christmas.

  8. Flame. Flame. Flame-it-ty-Flame-Flame.

  9. So U.R. u are against homosexuals? what about bi's?

  10. I am in the belief that religion is a touchy subject anywhere lol.

  11. Oh hello there little emo child.

  12. Well after In Flames I really don't have a favorite. Give an hour and I'll type up all my favorite bands.

  13. Did you REALLY jack my profile idea? Terrible person.

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