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  1. what is this I don't even

  2. I come back and see so many on a hiatus! Long time no see though, to be sure.

  3. Eee! Happy birthday to us! (almost)

    And you're a moderater now. Sweet.

  4. Hey, sorry I didn't play with you when you messaged me. :( :/

  5. Hellooooooo. Just peeking in again :)

  6. To be honest I haven't gotten a chance yet... It's next on my list, though... And why in the name of god would I know what a dingo is???

  7. Just coming by to say I missss you! Maybe I'll add you on xbox. If you get an invite from tehprincessj don't shun me. <3

  8. Are you playing Alpha Protocol? I LOOOVVVEEE it. And I wasn't expecting to, really. I generally avoid RPGs in which I have to RP a man. :/

    Also: you didn't know what a dingo was? LOL! XD

  9. ME1 is an oddly nonspecific answer... :)

  10. He's from spaaaace.

    And also ME1.

  11. Where is that shepard from, anyway?

  12. BTW, that shepard pic is great...

  13. The deletion of the friends list seems rather random,,, And, ohhh yeah, ME2 is ****ing great... I still prefer the first though... And I'd still rather have my goddamn k3... *deep, cleansing breath*

  14. yussss. And somehow, my friends list got deleted. :?

    R U enjoying Mass Effect 2?

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