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  1. I think that was a common reaction to Mass Effect 3's "ending".

  2. what is this I don't even

  3. I come back and see so many on a hiatus! Long time no see though, to be sure.

  4. So you would cry. Which I condone.

  5. Eee! Happy birthday to us! (almost)

    And you're a moderater now. Sweet.

  6. Mwahhh. Why was the Aliens RPG scrapped again? I wantssss it. :(

  7. Hey Gayhan, why is your nose so brown... oh never mind, that's from all the ass you just kissed. :shifty:

  8. And pardon Architects immature behaviour on your most exquisite profile page, my dear lady. It's very nice to hear from you again babydol!

  9. These boards were fine until Australia were introduced to internet and you registered. :shifty:

  10. This comments page was fine until you came along and ****ed it up, Accept... no wait, walkerguy already did that, you just gayed it up more. :shifty:

  11. Hey! Hey you!

    Hey you?

    *sigh* I remember you. Now to put you back where you belong (my Flist emptied itself somehow)

  12. Hello, babydol. How are you? My condolences to you for remembering The Architect... :(

  13. Hi, remember me. Of course you do. Hope you're well.

  14. Hey, sorry I didn't play with you when you messaged me. :( :/

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