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  1. I come back and see so many on a hiatus! Long time no see though, to be sure.

  2. For all Kotor 2 Vista needs, see here. Solved my problem, and many others as well.
  3. That would be me. Wow. I'm likin' that idea. Good stuff. Make some references to what's happening during Kotor II, and you could really just leave it with another cliffhanger...
  4. As far as I remember, you can't get a prestige class if you're too neutral. And Visas doesn't show up if you haven't progressed to either the light or dark side of the force. Ergo: Visas is needed to get your prestige class, in a very abstract way. Then again, I have a habit of remembering things oddly.
  5. I just... I had no idea. And I thought Caedus' mood swings were bad... oh wow. Is that a Sith ship? ^^
  6. *waves*. Hi! :D

  7. Umm... How? I don't recall crushing orbiting starships from a planet in the Ep. 3 game. Or slicing AT-ST's in half with your lightsaber This is more akin to Jedi Academy, if anything.
  8. Where do you keep getting all these pictures?!


  9. Wow. I am now *extremely* excited for this game. Especially if it comes with an option to import/export your character... and start hte game over with full strength :D
  10. Indeed it does. I for sure won't be trying to get burned like *that* again.

    By "Trying to get burned," I of course mean "Going outside for too long." :D

  11. Youch. Misery LOVES company, though! :D

  12. *raises hand*

    Yeah. I got horribly sunburned as well. ow.

  13. I must say, the Action figures picture made me laugh.

    Good stuff.

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