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  1. Thanks for this info. Looking forward to a Guardian playthrough with Plague after fixing this in my Kotor 1 installation . Hm, quick test on a Hulak Wraid (Tatooine desert) shows that after the Plague wears off in 4 rounds (it most certainly is not permanent), the Wraid's defense actually increases, from 25 (10 base + 15 natural) to 26 (10 base +1 dex mod + 15 natural). Wonder what's up with that... Still, re-applying every 5 rounds I was able to beat the Wraid with my level 15 Guardian character... with my fists. In Kotor 1, where there is no Unarmed Specialist feat. I am so going to
  2. Of course you realize that's most likely unintended and an exploit?
  3. I motion that everyone who confuses RP and RCM should be refused help, held against a wall and shot. With paintballs. Hundreds of them.
  4. I really don't think Charisma gives you Force Points. Only Wisdom does. Charisma does add to your Force Powers DC just like Wisdom does, increasing the chance of success. And also it makes powers of opposed alignment to yours less costly than they otherwise would be. Overall I find Wisdom more useful to increase. Besides the Force, Charisma mostly helps Persuade, but since skill points (to put into Persuasion) are much more abundant than attribute points, using Charisma for that is a waste, you can get your persuade high enough to meet most checks in the game in time with just skill p
  5. It's up again. And the main thread linking to it is still on the first page here.
  6. I've had this too. It's probably due to all the switching of who the "main character" is during that Nar Shaddaa plot: Exile, Mira, Atton all fulfill that role at some points and I guess it confuses the game. I wouldn't worry, though. The game scales the enemies to your level as they spawn. So being higher or lower level doesn't make the game much easier or harder. Especially once you're past level 18, where tier 3 in most of the interesting Force Powers becomes available, your level becomes pretty much irrelevant. Force Storm clears a room in 2-3 casts whether you're at level 20 or 30.
  7. re:The Yeti of 66 Perhaps you were expecting some surprise, a secret that had eluded you, something that would change your perspective of events, shatter you to your core? Of course it's still the same game. Apart from the very awesome HK factory (which IMO is considerably better in 1.5 than in 1.4, not that it was bad in 1.4) and a few other major points, most of the changes are indeed minor - but significant, the way a single, small, missing gear is significant to the working of a machine. Adding it doesn't radically change the function or purpose of the machine, it just makes it
  8. I turn that option off anyway. Burst of speed doesn't even look good, it was meant to be cool I'm sure but it is just annoying. And seems like itll damage your eyesight if exposed to for long, to me. But, that's my take on it.
  9. You're right, I got confused because I have a restored version of that scene where the first quote comes from... but it exists even in the cut version. Hassat: That may be true, but why is that so important to Kreia? Why does the Exile remain so significant to her after this "revelation"?
  10. It's at the end of the meeting with the Council on Dantooine, after Kreia drained the Jedi Masters and the Exile is lying on the ground, Kreia speechifies quite a bit there. Quite an awesome scene.
  11. Actually the first quote is from cut content, but the second one is from a very central conversation is the game and I really don't think that was meant to be cut...
  12. Sion: Why did you return? Kreia: Because now I understand why the Exile did what she did. Kreia: And that is what I sought to understand. How one could turn away from such power, give up the Force... and still live. But I see what happened now. It is because you were... afraid. (quotes were from memory) What I'm wondering is... 1. How exactly did Kreia mean that, that the Exile did that out of fear? Everything else seems to point out she considered it a sign of strength, that the Exile was able to give up the Force where others were unable to do so. How does the meeting with t
  13. Is there any reason to think that Kreia being Arren Kae would have been proven more definitely in a finished game? As far as I know Chris Avellone has resisted all attempts to make him say it outright...
  14. Little did I know what I was doing when starting this thread. Yeah, wow is the proper word. Who the hell let these people write Star Wars? It's really good for EU that my adventure with it started with Timothy Zahn's books. I'd have probably never bothered to read 1/10th of what I have read if I had started with that kind of bs.
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