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  1. I recommend adding Force Crush through the Kotor savegame editor even if you are light side. A jedi master with light mastery can cast force crush up to 15 times in a row despite the cost of over 100 force points. With master force body, you can cast it even more often
  2. if you want to check out the Droid Factory in TSLRP, execute the following script (you can link it to some friendly force power in k_inc_force.ncs for example): StartNewModule("299TEL"); Yeah yeah, I know, we are not supposed to use the leaked beta, but I got sick and tired of waiting, so I catapulted myself right into the module just to check it out. Very interesting. The HK50 interrogation techniques are funny, I rofled my ass off
  3. I was checking out the Kreia dialog file in TSL and noticed that there's some cut content in there - when you learn the lesson of skills from her, she's supposed to tell you to go practice your skills if you are on the Ebon Hawk. So if it's the Treat Injury skill, she will tell you to heal everybody on Ebon Hawk, if Demolitions, she will tell you to put some mines around the Ebon Hawk hyperdrive. I wonder if Team Gizka will restore this stuff?
  4. the game will crash if you try to equip the Nar Shadaa Dancer's outfit on Bastila. To correct the problem, change the following value in appearance.2da: row Party_NPC_Bastila, column Modell: set to "PFBL" Check out the screenshot: Basti equipped with the Dancer's outfit: http://i467.photobucket.com/albums/rr40/WRFan/K2_00016.jpg sexy
  5. The Bastila underwear textures are missing in Kotor TSL, so if you try to unequip your current armour, the game will crash. To correct this, open appearance.2da, find the Party_NPC_Bastila row and change the following columns: ModelA: change to PFBAM TexA: change to PFBAMC TexAEvil: change either to PFBAMD or P_HandmaidBAD. The Handmaiden evil look is hot! It's some kind of Echani underwear, looks more like armour though
  6. All the female PC characters in Kotor 2 are so ugly! I changed my PC's appeareance to Bastila's appearance from Kotor 1. If you are interested in doing this, there are two ways to change the appearance: 1) Use a savegame editor and change the appearance to "Party_NPC_Bastila". 2) Use the Effect EffectDisguise in a friendly script to disguise yourself as Bastila: effect oDisguise= EffectDisguise(DISGUISE_TYPE_P_BASTILLA); ApplyEffectToObject(DURATION_TYPE_PERMANENT, oDisguise, OBJECT_SELF); You can append this script to any friendly power script, like Heal or Force Valor or anything. Only execute once, obviously. The bastila portrait is missing in Kotor 2 and has to be extracted from Kotor 1 (PO_pbastila.tpc, put into the TSL Override directory). Check out this screenshot - Bastila talking to Kreia: http://i467.photobucket.com/albums/rr40/WRFan/K2_00000.jpg cool
  7. The aforementioned force powers contain some bugs: 1) Drain Force steals 20 FP instead of 10. "nFPAmount" in k_inc_force.nss is set incorrectly to 20 (should be 10). 2.1) Incorrect description for Improved Drain Force: the second tier of this power affects all targets within a 10 metre radius, same as Master Drain Force, only the FP amount that is stolen is different. Description says "single target" 2.2) Incorrect description for Improved Drain Force and Master Drain Force: The description says "all hostile creatures within 10 metres of the target enemy," while in fact both spells are centered on the caster (means "10 metres around the spellcaster"): 3) Force Scream and Improved Force Scream AoE is incorrectly set to spellcone 20 metres (should be 10 metres, see description). However, due to hard-coded bugs in the pathing system it is recommended to set AoE to 12 metres, otherwise some valid targets may be ignored. 4) FORCE_POWER_IMPROVED_FORCE_SCREAM range is incorrectly set to Medium in spells.2da (should be "Short" = 10 metres). It's the same problem as with the Crushing Despair spell in NWN2, lol (fixed in the last patch). If the range is too long, enemies that are more than 10 metres away from the caster won't be affected. Of course, they are affected, because the spellcone AoE is incorrectly set to 20 metres, as noted above, but this is all wrong. 5) Force Resistance checks for the Force Scream spells are done too early, the spell caster is included in the checks, which is really annoying if you have the spell immunity (force resistance) effect. Same problem with Death Field spell, btw. Should be changed like this to exclude caster: if( ( GetRacialType(oTarget) != RACIAL_TYPE_DROID ) && GetIsEnemy(oTarget) ) { int nResist = Sp_BlockingChecks(oTarget, eLink1, eLink2, eInvalid); 6) Stasis Field re-declares a variable that is already in use. Same error both in Kotor and TSL: oTarget = GetFirstObjectInShape(SHAPE_SPHERE, fRange, GetLocation(oTarget), FALSE, OBJECT_TYPE_CREATURE ); Because of this, certain enemies will be ignored by the spell, since the engine gets confused when determining SpellTargetLocation
  8. Affliction and Plague force powers are completely broken both in Kotor 1 and Kotor 2. Hope that Obsidian reads my remarks and fixes the bugs. Spell works completely differently from the description: http://www.gamebanshee.com/starwarskotorii...wers/plague.php It's supposed to last 12 seconds (=4 rounds), dealing 1 point damage to each attribute every second. Instead, it lasts 72 seconds (=24 rounds), dealing 1 point attribute damage every 6 seconds (=every second round). So basically it's an effective saving throw decrease of 1 point at most, given the enemy has an even number Con/Dex/Wis, unless you are willing to wait for over a minute until the spell kicks in fully. The spell effect in Kotor 1 is applied permanently (1000 seconds to be precise). This doesn't matter however, since the spell gets its duration from poison.2da, NOT from the spell script. Seems Obsidian didn't get this, cause they added the following to their k_inc_force.nss: Same nonsense with Affliction: Obsidian, it doesn't matter what the script says, it's the "duration" column in poison.2da that defines the effect duration! That's where EffectPoison gets its duration from! And that is exactly the problem - poison.2da file has wrong values, both in Kotor 1 and Kotor 2, seems Bioware just imported the file from NWN 1 to Kotor 1 and then Obsidian just went ahead and imported the flawed 2da file from Kotor 1 to Kotor 2!: POISON_ABILITY_SCORE_VIRULENT row: "Duration" column: 72 -> change to 12 "Period" column: 6 -> change to 1 Same problem with Affliction!: http://www.gamebanshee.com/starwarskotorii.../affliction.php Spell duration set to 12 rounds, dealing 1 point attribute damage every 2 rounds. Yet the spell description says 7 rounds, 1 point attribute damage every single round! POISON_ABILITY_SCORE_AVERAGE row: "Duration" column value has to be 21 "Period" column value has to be 3 In Kotor 2, several enemies on Korriban have a saving throw DC of 60-100. Plague is supposed to be irresistable (DC =100), meaning it's supposed to have a success chance of 100 per cent. Yet the Raven phantom on Korriban has a Fortitude saving throw of 100, which ironically means the spell has a success chance of 0, yes, ZERO per cent! Why? Because even if Raven gets a roll of 1, it's still 100 + 1=101 vs. Plague DC 100! Saving throw successful, thank you very much Obsidian! Same goes for Sion and several Sith Assassins on Korriban, if they get a roll of 20, they shoot right over 100 saving throw DC, saving themselves from Plague! Plague needs a DC of 121 to have 100 per cent of success: Raven phantom: saving throw 100+Roll 20= 120 vs. Plague DC 121. Any lower DC than 121 reduces the success chance of this spell: poison.2da, POISON_ABILITY_SCORE_VIRULENT row, dc_save column: Change 100 to 121. Only necessary for Kotor 2
  9. Bioware and Obsidian, if you are reading this, please do us all a favour and add a feat to your future RPGs that would allow us to add Wis modifier to Attack modifier. Because a spellcaster doesn't have the necessary strength to overcome the enemies' armour. Usually this is not a problem, as a spellcaster won't engage in melee combat. But if you add such quests as the Fight against the Handmaidens and the Battle Circle, where the usage of spells is forbidden except during the final fights, then it might occur to you that a Jedi Consular (a cleric in D&D terms) with a strength of 8 simply cannot penetrate enemies' armour. Even if my character is a mage with Int as defining modifier, I still always invest some points in Wis, but never in strength! Had to exploit bugs in the game to win the aforementioned fights. and I hate cheating. But what am I supposed to do? One of the Mandalorians has such a high armour that in order to penetrate it, I had to use the following stuff: 3rd tier of battle meditation master valour echani stim strength stim dominator gauntlets and this was still not enough! I am not Hanharr, for god's sake! Hanharr always hits, because his strength is so high and because he adds my char's high charisma modifier to his attack modifier. The final fights against the Handmaidens and Bralor are real fun, because you can rely on the force. I simply threw them all off the battle ground using force whirlwind / force wave. lol. All of them failed their reflex saves even on a roll of 20. But the melee fights are just frustrating. The mandalorians are laughing at me! They say, "take away your force powers and you are nothing." So what? I am a jedi consular! of course I rely on the force! What's so funny about the spell DC of 66 by the time I fought Bralor at level 24? Improve your reflex saves first, then you can laugh about others. He who laughs last, laughs loudest
  10. There are some items in the game that are never spawned in random loot. The problem is explained here: http://www.lucasforums.com/showpost.php?p=...amp;postcount=8 I'd like to add some robes /armour through the KSE, I'm unsure about the proper level to add these items, though. It cannot be determined mathematically, since the numbers are all ph...ed up due to an oversight on Obsidian's side. So the only way to determine the proper levels is to compare these items against other items for which the spawn level is known. I am going to give my 5 cents on this matter and I'd really appreciate it if you told me if you believe my assumptions to be correct, and if not, then what level you believe to be appropriate: 1) Arca Jeth's Robe: this robe is very similar to the Gray Robe, which is spawned at around level 18++. However, the Arca robe offers a better defense bonus, not just by itself, but also because it gives a wisdom bonus, which amounts toat least an additional +1 to defense if you' ve got Battle Precognition. Besides, it offers a better force points regeneration rate. So maybe it's intended for levels 23 upward? It would be spawned at the same time as the Jay Shey Mentor belt, which also offers +2 Wisdom 2) Jal Shey Mentor Armor: I suspect this item was never intended to be in the game in the first place. It's waaaaaay too powerful.: Attribute Bonus: Charisma +4 Attribute Bonus: Wisdom +1 that's a +2 or +3 bonus to spell DC. Not to mention that it can be outfitted with over- and underlays, giving you e.g. 60 % immunity to energy, if proper upgrades are inserted. Level should be equivalent to Ossus Keeper Robes, so approximately level 28 upward. Then again, the Jal Shey Mentor belt appears (theoretically) at level 23. I often found it at level 24. Seems to me, the belt and armour are a set of items (same names). So first I assumed the Jal Shey Mentor Armor should appear at level 23-24 too. But now I think it's too powerful to be obtained at level 23. The following robes were probably intended to be spawned at the time Geeda on Nar Shaddaa offers the Baran Do Sage Robe (Wisdom +4), so basically level 27 or 28 upward: Aleema Keto's Robe Jolee's Robe Crado's Robe Nomi's Robe What about the Sylvar's Robe and Thon's Robe? They are not very powerful, so maybe same time as the Gray Robe
  11. you are correct. what's wrong with routine strategy? It took me some time to develop these strategies, obviously I want to stick to them. I want to play the game the way I prefer it, not the way mod developers like to play it. who says the final mod will be any different? As far as I know, Gizka is only fixing some bugs at the moment. Overall, the final release version will resemble the beta in nearly every way btw, a second mod is available here: http://www.freewebs.com/k2rp/ It's supposed to allow you to train Hanharr as a Jedi, but I'll be damned if I know how to turn this animal into a Jedi. Would be interesting to see Hanharr fighting with two lightsabres
  12. don't get me wrong. It's interesting to see stuff that was cut from the game, but only once. I don't think I am going to do this again. Actually, it's possible to remove the annoying crap from the override folder. Remove the following files: a_influence_dec.ncs a_influence_inc.ncs n_hk50ectr1.utc n_hk50ectr2.utc n_hk50ectr3.utc this will restore the original influence system and remove those stupid annoying HK50 units altogether. Powergaming is one thing, cheating is another. I never cheat in RPG games. Forgot to mention one thing in my original post. You see, the fights against the bounty hunters on Nar Shadaa require you to level up Atton, otherwise he's obviously too weak to fight those tough bounty hunters. In the original version of the game, he only has to fight the twin sisters, so it's sufficient to level him up to like 13 or 14. After you return from the Goto yacht, you can then turn Atton into a Jedi and level him up as a Jedi. Only 13 or 14 levels will be lost to the scoundrel class. But the inofficial patch adds 1 mio additional bounty hunters, so you have to level up Atton even more, losing more and more levels to the useless scoundrel class. It's exactly the same problem as in Kotor 1, only there it was your own character who lost levels to a non-jedi class. Everybody hates that. Yes, sure, I could turn Atton into a Jedi BEFORE starting the Nar Shadaa quest, but you see, turning him into a Jedi involves at least 7 light-dark side shifts and I don't want to lose them before I begin my light side ascent after gaining access to Hanharr, as indicated in my original post. So I simply cannot do this. I save all the light points for later. For the same reason I cannot talk to the Handmaiden, Disciple, T3, Visas etc. before finishing the Nar Shadaa business, because all these conversations involve light side shifts and I need them for later
  13. talking about "HE IS TOO STRONG" idiocy, the Revan phantom in the cave on Korriban has a DC of 100, which gives her 100 per cent chance to save herself from plague spell. this is kind of ironic, because Obsidian and Bioware make us believe that it is impossible to save oneself from plague (unless one is immune to poison). So Obsidian says, "100 percent spell success," while it's in fact literally 100 percent spell failure. The whole Korriban quest is bugged to the ground. I disagree about Nihlus, though. I choked him to death at a DC of 66 vs. his fortitude of 64 or 65 if I remember correctly, and I didn't even have to use master valor to ensure 100 percent spell success.
  14. I installed several inofficial patches that fix some bugs and re-add cut content into the game. Can't say I like the "improvements". Most stuff is frustrating or simply annoying: 1) HK50 assasin droids are regularly spawned everywhere, every couple of minutes! Unless you have HK47 in your party, you need to destroy them. Early in the game it is rather difficult, since their fortitude is very high, plus they have extremely many hit points. Second, every time you destroy them, you earn XP, and since they respawn all the time, you level up waaay too fast, which is just cheating, if you ask me. 2) Influence bugs have been fixed, but now it has become extremely difficult to gain enough XP with allies to reap the rewards. In particular, it takes much longer to earn influence with Bao-Dur and Hanharr. Bao-Dur is particularly problematic, since he doesn't have access to the stealth run feat as long as he's no Jedi, so you need to gain influence with him as soon as possible, BEFORE you board Goto's yacht. otherwise it takes ages to navigate him through the ship in stealth mode. In the original game, it is possible to gain enough influence with Bao on two occasions, one on Telos, second on Nar Shaada. But if you install the influence patch, it makes it more difficult to earn influence with him. With the influence patch installed, it is impossible to unlock Hanharr's rewards by just talking to him. And I NEED his rewards, because you get 1 pt Wisdom from him, and since my char is a jedi consular, it's extremely important. Besides, you earn influence with him by doing dark deeds, and I can't do it, right after getting Hanharr into the party, I begin my ascent to light mastery. So first, you get dark mastery to get access to Hanharr, otherwise you get Mira. Then you talk to him, HK47 and Go-t0, because this involves dark side points. As soon as I get their rewards, I only do light side deeds, avoiding dark side points altogether, rising quickly to light mastery, which gives me 3 pt Wisdom, plus 3 pt Wisdom as Jedi Master prestige class. This in addition to 3 pt Wisdom through Hanharr (1 pt Hanharr, 2 pt Kreia strength lesson), 1 pt Wisdom through HK47. For this reason, I need to complete this entire annoying Nar Shaada business as early in the game as possible, so that I can begin my light side ascent as early as possible. The inofficial patches interfere with my strategy, for the reasons described above, as well as for the following reason: the inofficial patches add some cut content on Nar Shaada - allies fighting the bounty hunters. All these bounty hunters are extremely tough, high fortitude and will saves, high attack modifiers, armour up to 31 points. It wouldn't be a problem if I had access to my Jedi consular, who's extremely powerful even at level 15 (DC 44 for force powers, DC 49 for Force scream). But you are stuck with the other morons like Kreia, Atton. Kreia is a joke as a Jedi consular, her DC is a phucking joke. Atton sux either. The bounty hunters score critical hits every 2 seconds, it's just insane! I increased Atton's armour to 38, attack modifiers to 28 (mainhand), 26 (offhand), hit points to over 200, equipped him with mandalorian power shield. He's immune to critical hits. Still, he's killed all the time by the bounty hunters. And I CANNOT do this mission later, since, as explained above, I NEED to finish this whole nar shaada business very early in the game (I usually begin at level 15, by the time I leave Goto's yacht, I am level 18).
  15. ok ok, now I get it. Still, I'd say it would be much better to incapacitate Visas, thus preventing her from using this power. Yet unfortunately this is not possible at this point in the game for the reasons described in my original post
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