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    um... games(especially KotOR), computers, japan, music, movies, tv, reading, swimming etc.
  1. nope, i thought hmmm maybe he could be a good character in the right place, but he SUCKED!
  2. hey! i have a friend in japan! would you know her?? she's american. her name is shelby.

  3. They're nice, but they're just window-dressing. If we cared all that much about that stuff, we'd all be playing MMOs for the cool gadgets instead of sitting around here hoping for KotOR3. Liking KotOR means liking plot and character depth. Honestly, I really don't care that much about the buff crystals in my lightsaber. They're nice, sure, but I can't even be bothered to use KSE to try them all out. But I love it when Kreia says, "It is such a quiet thing to fall. But far more terrible is to admit it." Just thinking about it almost makes me shiver. All that stats are is just icing on the cake. But if you take the cake away, what remains will make you sick. well said
  4. no one like the weapons, species or force powers?
  5. try Reven - he could have destroyed the republic, but he was doing it... how does Kriea say it? to mask another war? the war with the true sith. but he did not think he was doing right, he knew he had to do it to save the republic.
  6. yes, which is why there must be no emotion, only peace, and they don't say it must be peace with everyone(thats just implied ), but there should be peace with yourself, and to have that there must be no ignorance, only knowledge, no passion, only serenity and as for no chaos only harmony, well then you wouldn't be able to do wrong for the greater good so IMO that is a flaw in the jedi code
  7. I was like that for a few months except its harder to explain. I would remeber that I dreamed something. But when I awoke I couldn't tell, but I would remember that I dreamed something. And I had an image of what it was but I couldn't see the image. GR its so hard to put into words. i know how that feels, most of my dreams end up like that, only a few don't and it can get really annoying
  8. Explain the meaning of your text? :D You are saying LightSide rules (which is easy to interpret) but then you say "Even if you have to be dark to get there". Are you saying that it rules even if a former DS user turns to the light or something? what im saying is its IMO its better to be light side even if you must do wrong to help even more, in other words doing things for the greater good. So i think that it is sweet doing a few bad things as long as something better will come of it. but yes even if a former DS user turns to the light and makes right what they have done wrong then continues to do good, it may still be better then not doing anything good or evil.
  9. too true AOE3-such a let down after the 2nd, IMO they just tried to hard. KotOR 1 and 2-it made me sad... however it was not in a bad way, i just didn't want them to end.
  10. at the moment I've been listening to New Order, Fleetwood Mac, Smashing pumpkins, Stellastarr, all sorts of things
  11. right now im reading Krondor-Tear of the Gods by Raymond Feist. i enjoy reading his books; good plots, characters and twists.
  12. Starcraft 2 Fable 2 the new prince of persia Star wars: The force unleashed Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 KotOR 3 Mass effect 2 Diablo 3 I cant wait for any of them
  13. NOTHING, waiting for 2009, when heaps of new games will be out and/or coming out
  14. light side rules, even if you have to be dark to get there
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