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  1. No...because he can play the game but crashes on movies his current system can't handle the movies
  2. I just thought his name bares semblance to the great coding taboo 'goto' (any programmers here will get this haha)
  3. Fair enough...But Tech support staff are usually hopeless along with any files/software they MAY send you haha
  4. I can't see it being a specific movie causing errors as they are all in the same format (.bik) if anything it could be the in-game trigger that causes the crash, or the swap over between file formats. But if the game is crashing on ALL movies then you have a point regarding the intel chips.
  5. Can you say that again but this time with clarity?
  6. Well the music was pretty good but some of the general sounds like monsters and droids that make the same sounds when they die was pretty poor- it always amuses me when you kill a male NPC and he produces a female dying sound...
  7. That's understandable, as this is a forum affiliated with an actual publisher I understand your position and that of the other moderators, though quick question as long as we're not telling people where to find no CD cracks and only advising that they can clear up issues is that OK?
  8. Are you playing on separate accounts as in log on accounts for your PC if so it could be due to the fact that he's not running the program as an administrator when you are (his account is trying to run the application from and through yours which XP and Vista doesn't like) Or simply his save game has become corrupted which just happens I'm afraid this sounds more likely to be honest.
  9. Disable the videos from the options panel at the main menu, and you'll be able to play the game fine...
  10. Disable the videos from the options menu- Clearly your PC doesn't like the movies as that's where it's crashing so simply disable them...
  11. Surely not! ;-) There was a quiet sophistication to the character, the ruthless efficiency, the snappy retorts not to mention the secretive role he plays in manipulating the galaxy's future. All were improved further by the fact that he was a droid!
  12. You mean you can't move her with the keyboard and only manipulate the mouse? If so just return to windows and click on the game until the keyboard kicks in or save the game and control returns (i figured this out as i play games while having conversations in MSN)
  13. The only thing i could suggest is pausing the second (and i mean F**king fast here) and equip some health to your character while the game is paused may work- probably won't though...
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