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  1. i think you should have a better choice and have things like other speicies other than human like a wookie or gungan that would be cool what do you think?
  2. cool i hope it say "SEGA" at the begging like the sonic games
  3. its realy warm today reminds me of the time i spent on tattoine[sp?] with the jawas
  4. I think there should be a choice of the old style and one where you can fight on your own by button bashing ect......
  5. i dont think there is going to be one there mite be but i realy doubt it hope thre is tho
  6. i want to see the lava planet...erm cant remember the name the one ankin fell into the lava on...erm...it will come to me...think rich think....ah ha got it , mustafar yey got there in the end oh and hoth
  7. i dont die i cry and i killed him with out diying you should have put that in your poll noob
  8. why wasnt he a jedi and dont say "he cant feel the force" cos i bet he could i bet he could feel the force with alll his little wookie heart and all his little wookie cotton socks
  9. i came across it i think it was either in the main section a little bit toward the loading ramp or in the locked dormitory bit
  10. kashyyk cos the wookies look like couison it from the addams family
  11. maybe its revan in the ebon hawk and what you were flying all along was a copy of the ebon hawk for some unknown reason :/
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