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  1. Also he fought and beat Maul, he nearly beats Count Dooku and then in the 3rd episode he beats General Grevious
  2. Jedi always come out on top! Take Obi-Wan, for example, he sacrificies himself for Luke and without him Luke would have struggled!
  3. I would like to cheat, and so I would like to know how to get the console please. Thanks!
  4. Major Spoiler! But I loved it! Well done on such a great link!
  5. Cheers Jedi_master_darkor, I kicked his ass with some mandalorian melee shields and force kill! I could nearly beat him before but he kept healing himself! I tried a tactic where you save after your attack and then load it so you get the first attack again! It nearly worked! Is he the hardest jedi master to kill?
  6. I have the same problem but against Vrook! He is very annoying as he heals himself whenever he is nearly dead!
  7. I'd say yes, he is your master as he shows sympathy and care towards you. Thats if you go on the LS though!
  8. Hi there, I was wondering how I could get my hands on the save game editor and what you can do with it. Any suggestions?
  9. I bought a Radeon ATI 9600SE and now the game runs excellent!
  10. Probably. I personnally would stay human as I like Jolee! I hate Vrook so I kill him all the time! Kavar shows some sympathy for you. Atris is just scarred from the past. Naa-shadaa master trusts you. Finally, the one dead on korriban was probably like kavar I think.
  11. Hows about: Count Dracon -He has teeth like that of a dragon and he kills Jedi as a hobby. All the force powers he has are offensive like storm and crush.
  12. Darth Malak versus Darth Nihilus Darth Nihilus would win, as he takes on 3 people at once and still remains annoying! While Malak can't handle a single opponent!
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