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  1. people. hjow do u take pictures of stuff ingame?
  2. Thats some REALLY great art! (w00t) (w00t) (w00t) Can you try to draw a saber duel of the exile and traya, or Revan and Malak? I think it would be very imprressive. :cool:
  3. About the Ravager, It was a republic desighn, as Mandolore says it has the mark of mandolorian guns, but the only other force in that battle waas the republic, and thus, it was republic desighn. As for the "Rakatan" curved ships, I think they were republic further design of the ravager type ships, as in K1 it says that the Leviathan "karaths ship" was of a prototype republic desighn, because in some part it said that it was the epitome of weapon technology developed by the republic. And revan used it with the star forge to make lots of copies of it simply. I stan to be corrected.
  4. :D I didn't even try to be dark side. I found it to be impossible. Imagine torturing yourself from the inside. Horrible. Maybe I will play DS when the full game ending comes out, but for now, no. As to some dark side choices, I played LS, but in some cases, I just did dark sid ethings, like forging the will on dantooine, dark options with Kreia, well I just thought it to be neccessery, otherwise, no. ITs like having an HK pacificst package all the time. " :">
  5. Pochemubi net? Izneni, u menya net Russkogo na kompe.
  6. Kavar and Zez-Kai Ell Were the two Jedi who at least tried to understand you and almost succeded. Because they say that they had a chance to understand what happened to revan and all the other Jedi, and seemed supportive to you. But then Vrook happened, and, and he and you aren't on best terms, he didn't want to hear any of the thing Zez and Kavar said, and as he seems to be much older than Kavar and Zez, they probably listened to his "higher wisdom" and followed him in the choice to compeletely cut you off from the force. I wish there would be a choice to manipulate someone to kill Vrook for you, and have them not know you did it, but the would be DS, and thus against my moral principals... "
  7. Thanks, you know, of all the Jedi masters u get to meet, Kavar was the best one, and ATRIS (DOn't repeat the name, its horiible... the horror! THE HORROR!!!) was the WORST, she hated u so much, and was soooo arrogant, more than vrook...
  8. In the game when you speak to Kavar, he says that the fisrt time he sparred with you he knew you were special and stuff... And he also says to Queen Talia that an old student is coming back, he also seems to know alot about you. SO my question is, is he your original master, the one who trained you when you were a padawan?
  9. Wait, I might have just made a mistake. I just played the game and Kreia told me that/enlightened me that the Mandolorian wars were wars of conversion. So maybe Revan found trayus before the Mandolorian wars, learned of the TRUE SITH, and influenced the Mandolorians somehow to attack the republic. And the sole purpose was to convert Jedi into Dark Jedi so he can over-run the republic, and then take the fight to the TRUE SITH. And By TRUE SITH I mean those wierd guys you're slightly mentioned about that live beyond the Outer Rim.
  10. I might be wrong, so you are free to correct me, SPOLIER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER but as I view It, The "TRUE SITH" made the mandalorians attack the republic, then Revan beat the Mandalorians, and on Malachor 5 found out about the TRUE SITH and why theuy are so dangerous, as it apparently is said that Trayus academy was built by yhe TRUE SITH. So Revan realisd they are a threat to the galaxy, and became the dark lord of the sith out of necesity to control the republic through conquer, and thus make an army good enough to fight the true sith. HE became the Dark Lord of the SITH Empire that was known to the galaxy (so in other words, NOT the TRUE SITH) a he realised that he could not takre control of the republic otherwise, (notice, he didn't destroy industry and infrastructure on the planets he conquered. If the are any mistakes in my understanding, please feel free to correct me
  11. How about... Exile: The Force is my Ally Kreia: I hate you and... Exile: I am not a Jedi yet... Darth Sion + Nihilus: ****! Then we have to wait until you become one...
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