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  1. Well, i would suggest the following things: 1: Removal of difficulty scaling and make it based on the characters' level instead - Easy = 1-10, normal 11-15, hard 16-20 2: Balancing Shadow Operative and Chain Shot to a degree, most players want it nerfed because it takes away the challenge, while i personally find it fine, but i am more about experiencing the storyline then thriving on the challenge of games. 3: Increased Money (i remember on a certain mission, i must have aquired 88k (it said that amount on the post mission screen) but i never recieved it. 4: More possibilities of stealth on every mission, it seemed like some missions were designed for you to choose over stealth or direct combat, while others are not designed with stealth in mind, i would prefer the choice. 5: More Romance possibilities, where after you sleep with one of the characters, they act like you haven't at all, i find that stupid, i would prefer more interaction, not a full blown sex scene or anything like that, but something to point out that it actually happend...you know what i mean? 6: Awareness Master (Stealth Rank 5) should be Rank 2 for those that do NOT want to waste points in stealth on a character that doesn't plan to utilise stealth. 7: More Longer game, i would like either more hubs or many more missions in the hubs, also, the friends you make should help you out more, i made friends with several groups and only had help from 2 of them at the end. 8: More Access to weaponry, armour and gadgets that ARE worth the price that they are offered at, i have seen crap guns for sale at over 130k and i am thinking 'oh my god, are the arms dealers on crack or something? 9: a Skippable intro!!!! lol Thats what i have so far
  2. If you plan to go stealthy, i would go with pistols, if you plan to go with other weapons, you might as well just hold stealth at 5 for awareness master and not bother stealthing.
  3. I never see the point in gadgets, i have done 2 playthroughs and besides the tutorial part, i never used any gadgets, besides the health things.
  4. It's actually "earned" AP that's taken into account and not "spent" AP. It's just that usually people spend every AP that they earn, so it's difficult to tell the difference. But if you hack the ini file to give yourself 10,000 AP when you level up (which is more than you can ever use - the most you can ever spend is a little under 500), then you'll instantly fail any hack job that you attempt. Well, that explains why I'm finding the hacking much easier in my playthrough with a "Recruit" background. Yep, but playing a Veteran is more easier, since you start with 120ap, which enables you to start with 5 stealth, which gives you the radar thing. But overall, you can safely give yourself 320ap without the mini-games going crazy, since thats how much the Veteran gets, 120 at start and 200 from levelling.
  5. I was thinking of playing on hard, but now i won't bother, there is really no point in it, you don't get anything as a bonus for doing it, do you?
  6. Its a pity that the scaling of difficulty is screwy, i mean, if you have set amount of ap points, the difficulty of fights, hacking, lockpicking and alarm disabling become way too difficult. From what i have learnt is that the highest ap points you can have and it doesn't have a fit about it, is 320....which is a level 20 veteran character. (i am not taking into account the ap points you can get for getting certain perks. This is what i had for my Assault Rifle boom maker veteran: Stealth: 10 Assault Rifles: 15 Sabotage: 15 Technical Aptitude: 15 Toughness: 10 Marital Arts: 10 In total that comes to 275 ap points, which is doable as a Veteran, i am in the process of trying a purely Martial Artist.
  7. Well, Kotor I had multiple endings and the stuff that was cut was amazingly hidden, i didn't know anything was cut until someone mentioned it. But Kotor II had some features that could have helped Kotor I become better. (ie the Influence for your companions and the neat new features, like Stealth Run and others.) But overall, Kotor I is more better due to the more complete storyline and ending then Kotor II extreme cut content and lack of an attempt to hide it.
  8. well, i ain't one to go darkside, i am too much of a nice guy, when i play games, i put myself in the story, so i can relate to the character and well, it makes me too upset to be bad. :/ If you are lucky with your Stealth Power, go Sith Assassin, if you are just a force using junkie, go SithLord. Since i am also a Stealthy player if given a choice when there are too many enemies to take out on my own, but it is a pity that any amount of cut-scenes immediately turns your stealth off which makes it a utterly useless power. If the stealth power didn't cut your power off and the story allowed you to surprise enemies, it would have been better. For Example: On Kotor I, when you arrive at Tatooine, you are heading to the Cantina and 3 Sith Jumps you, well, when i stealth up, the moment you come into view, bam, cut-scene and you decloak.....so, not a very good feature is it? The same thing happens on Kotor II, if they did a Kotor III i hope the stealth has a role in the game now and then, also, cut-scenes should never, ever cut the stealth off.
  9. Either way, they are responsible for this beta version game...they have to finish it or just stop doing games. If you can't finish it, don't start it.
  10. dude, they have just released the old movies, but they stretched it....that is NOT acceptable. I personally demand the cut content to be put into a patch with proper high quality movies in a patch....otherwise, i won't buy another LA product EVER again.
  11. I would laugh my head off if LA lost the rights to Starwars and all related stuff and it went to Bioware. :D
  12. Thank you for clering this up for me. I now think this patch is a total rip-off/insult to the owners of this game. Come on, I wasn't expecting them to hire Blizzard to do some expectacular cutscenes, but coming up with some tiwiks that only 0,1% owners of this game can "enjoy"?? Why bother at all, I ask With this game is just one dispointment after another <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I think they are proving how cheap and selfish they can be. We all know LA could have done ALOT better, but did they? nope, because it would cost them money and all they care about is their profit margin.
  13. Yeh, they could have released the renders the movies were made from, they could have released those instead of these sad excuse for movie quality upgrades. lol
  14. LOL, i find that so funny....this game is 'complete' ?? lol it shows how much they know.
  15. Well, it seems more and more companies are beginning to shaft their customers once they get our cash.. I think there should be a law that when they release a product they are required to make sure it is finished and bugless or risk being heavily fined. (bugless as in, no gamestopping bugs) If any other bugs are present they HAVE to fix them or risk being fined again, just my opinion.....games would be much better if they cared more about us then their profit margin. Also, the movies are still basicly 640x480 quality, just stretched to a higher resolution...what a way to save money.
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