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    i like evrything
  1. Lol,if someone doesnt think this thread shall be here,why do you post in it?
  2. Lol,its always usefull to have a renew thread on such huge threads
  3. Just informing all the DOA fans who are out of touch with Tecmo's website
  4. Vote and then post the good and bad things each one has Bout Me,Kotor 2 has more lightsaber colours
  5. well a butterboy,is a man that is coward,still a boy,mama's boy! :sorcere:
  6. Shouldn't you be shagging a sheep or something? Now run along like a good n00b. Can't say I'm too unhappy, but you most certainly won't be missed. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> i wont take your advice child,you know of course you arent so unhappy,becuase you are just a stupid happy mama's butterboy! (by the way i can you imagine yor future?you being a man going to the mall with your mom holding you grudgingly from the hand!!!!! in fact,the only reason i came here is to do spamming,every new site members do so,so let me continue my spamming cusade ,mama's butterboy
  7. just for you to know,i dont take advice from butterboys,mama's boys or children that are watching the transformers cartoons,so close your childish mouth ,and kick your self out :cool:
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  9. What is jade empire?i have been out of touch with video games since dead or alive ultimate and kotor2 were released hey can you join my site? i have its link in my signature(dont worry,after you join it you will see all the boards,not like the other guests)
  10. A very good point. Half-life 2 began development in 1997-98, as soon as Half-life was released. Even without the source code theft, it would have been at least six years in development. As it is, it spent 7-8 years in development, and look at the enthusiasm with which it was embraced. It was probably the most anticipated game of all time. Based on this example alone, I would say that a franchise such as KotOR could stand the test of time, and KotOR III would still be well received even if it spent such a time in development. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I agree with you guys.Korriban is a little let down from both games But my biggest disappointments from these games are: a)NO TARIS! b)NO MANNAN! c)Onderon cannot be vvisited more than once!!!! d)My favourite council member is dead!!!(Lonna Vash,she had a really good face and voice!!!) e)It is solo mode on Malachor! HEY GUYS JOIN MY SITE(I REALLY NEED MORE MEMBERS!!!)Here is the link! http://lonnavash.proboards19.com
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