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  1. If it doesn't, it's worth renting an xbox to try it out. No glitches at all so far.
  2. I have been playing Jade Empire.. it's made me realise a few things... Bioware rocks. LA tried to make Kotor2 on par... maybe a little more.. maybe a little less. You be the judge. Bioware shows us with Jade Empire what could have been done with Kotor2 if LA let Obsidian have the time. Jade empire is amazing, and I have spotted a few references to Kotor1 so far. The one that stood out most was when in the battle arena in the imperial city, and the arena agent asks you what you think your arena name should be, he says 'You are mysterious, stranger' And when on Taris your arena name was my
  3. I didn't really see them as crazy, I just assumed they wern't that fluent in Galactic Basic.
  4. Yeah I found the orange crystal in the exact same container on korriban in two different playthroughs. Not so random after all
  5. Can someone plase confirm that the one black FBI agent from Final Destination doesn't do Bao-Durs voice. They just sound so similar. O_o I can't figure it out. I don't want it to be true. I hate putting real life faces to voice actors.
  6. At least in Kotor 1 you're going to a bunch of planets to find star maps. You feel like you are in charge of the situation. Even from the beginning on the Endar Spire: must make sure this bastila is safe (even though we have no idea who she is at that time) then we must find Bastila on Taris, etc. We know what's going on around us the entire time.. with Kotor 2 its "Ok... apparantly I'm the last Jedi and the is this shadowy sith person, oh and this chopped up sith after me and...my only goal is to run from them? find them? what?"
  7. I wondered why in TSL your PC didn't say anything when you switched to them. I relaised it was because when you switched from character to character the NPCs were talking to the PC. I guess the exile doesn't take orders from the NPCs and Revan did. ^^;
  8. Dunno about the rest of you, but I traded it in because the $40 that blockbuster gave me for it was too sweet to pass up. ^^;
  9. Revan DID reach a prestigue level.. they just didn't integrate it into the gamplay for the first game. Sith Lord is a prestigue class, after all. After Kotor, with Revan's memories being awakened, etc, who's to say they wern't as powerful as they were as a sith lord.
  10. I really doubt the Exile would 'suck' the life and/or force out of Revan. Revan wouldn't just let the Exile swipe their power. I do recall when playing the game, Desciple said that the Exiles companions followed because they wanted to, etc etc.. Exile wasn't ripping the force from them and making them weaker. The exile isn't Nihilus.
  11. Yeah the whole point of 'darth traya' is that they are betrayers that were betrayed. Atris would have been perfect. She assumed the Exhile betrayed her when they went to war with Revan, so Atris betraying the Exhile would have made perfect sense. Bah
  12. My playthru as a Lightside male I gave the ehile the name Arias Nelvad When the ehile was female I named her Valexa Nelvad ^^;
  13. I've read those a while ago. ^^ I found AimoStudio when I did a search for Mission Vao on Google's image search and I found your fanart. You havn't updated the site since jan 9th. -nudge-
  14. Gasp! It's like the kotor fanart from aimostudio.com. There isn't enough Kotor fanart, I say. Keep it up. XD They are lots better than my Revan piccy!
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