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  1. Taking a few LS points is the fastest way to turn him, but it's not the only one. So long as he's not around to lose influence while you slaughter innocents, there are enough morally-neutral influence triggers to do it- you just need decent repair/awareness skills. Repairing the broken speeder on Nar Shadaa and following the atmospheric sensors questline on Dantooine should give you the three hits you need, if memory serves.
  2. The key is letting the whole thing download before you click on Atton. For some reason, the flash player lets you click through the first screen as soon as it reaches your browser, but then interprets the click as 'hey! we must be completely done downloading'. It's really irritating.
  3. Grim's BD thread on the fanmedia boards is definitely worth a look. Vin Diesel doesn't do much for me, but put some zabrak horns on him and... whoa. http://kotorfanmedia.com/forums/viewtopic....=277&highlight= And Eji has Carth nailed. Hugh Jackman all the way. http://kotorfanmedia.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=278
  4. You mean Dustil Onasi and Mission, right? ... ...right?? Creepy May/November romance aside, I don't think Mira is Bao-Dur's type either. *narrows her eyes into jealous little slits* BD and female!Exile, on the other hand...
  5. Well said, Yst. Here's the real issue: you couldn't play through the original KOTOR without being slapped upside the head with the plot. It was obvious, it was there, and it was going to progress whether you liked it or not. KOTOR 2, on the other hand, requires a bit of effort on the player's part to piece together what is, honestly, a really ingenious interweaving of plot, theme, and gameplay. I thought some of it was heavy-handed in parts, but clearly I was wrong. There's evidence enough on these boards that plenty of people got to Malachor V without having any idea whatsoever wh
  6. There was a post a while back claiming that both Revan and the Exile are LS male, in the canon. *shrug*
  7. You have to let the whole thing download before you click, and since the file's pretty large, it takes a bit. For some reason, it seems to play the first bit as soon as it downloads, but stops downloading the rest if you "interrupt" it by clicking. *baffled shrug* Go figure.
  8. They're absolutely excellent! What media are you using? It looks a bit like ink and watercolor, but I've been fooled by top-notch photoshop gurus before.
  9. They can, however, use more than one voice actor for the Revan lines. Just figure out what the character thinks Revan is a'la KOTOR II, then insert appropriate voice here. Ta da!
  10. Heh! He has a line that goes something like "I thought only utility droids had... size issues" that just begs to be taken the wrong way. I couldn't bring myself to include a remote/BD romance option in the flash scene, though- I'm jealous enough as is. Like Starphire pointed out in another thread: *heartbreak*
  11. Thanks for all the feedback! For the record, I'm going to have to side with everyone who called it "disturbing". It was just something that had to be done, or we'd spend all our time obsessing about missed in-game... opportunities. Now there's an idea. Honestly, it doesn't take much time at all if you work with something like Macromedia Flash. Come on, Atton fans! We need a love scene!
  12. I don't know about that... I repaired it (and fortunately had Bao-Dur with me to double check my shoddy work) and it went fine. It's not terribly useful, but it saves a little running time.
  13. I'm a little biased here, but I don't go anywhere without Bao-Dur. He doesn't have as much to say as Mira, but there's not much out there he can't unlock, slice, disarm, or repair. The combination of insane awareness + computer + repair skill is also useful in digging up interesting little subplots. On top of that, if you're interested in eventually making him a Jedi, no amount of "Yes, General?"/"Never Mind" aboard the ship is going to get you influence. He has to be convinced by actions, not words. As for the guy who called his voice "annoying"... *shakes her head in dismay*
  14. Ahh. If you only got the one quote, you need to let the whole thing download before you try clicking on the text. Otherwise, for some reason, it just hangs and won't run.
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