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  1. well, one thing I've noticed when clicking on the links to the individual jobs postings (such as you've described), is that they amount to a broken link....i.e. no job actually listed. I've noticed this for a number of weeks. I wonder if someone like Fergus could speak to that. (not that I am personally looking to fill one of those jobs).
  2. how about the transition from Empire to Republic? how about the Republic soldiers and officers that are not clones? how about hunting Jedi outside the Core? all kinds of material there, in fact. remember, the Clone Wars are between Trade Federation and Republic, not between Republic sympathizers and Imperialists.
  3. well, generally, I prefer non-CG animation over CG animation but I think this looks promising. I also can't help but think that this amounts to pre-positioning for another SW film or trilogy of films.
  4. I've seen more Atlantis than SG1. I like SG1 in that it is so "modern day" when on Earth and the story archs seem to be well-written. Atlantis is good too but I think they will ultimately retire Atlantis and pick up SG1 again....the "ghoul" (or whatever they are called) would make for a good generic threat from another galaxy.....I mean, what is the point of their mission? to explore, I think. Colonizing another galaxy filled with what amounts to a superior undead race, would not make any sense, IMO. Anyway, SG1 has PREYING MANTIS ALIENS! and that has to be a good thing.
  5. Earthstorm (has Dirk Benedict costarring) I actually liked it quite a bit.....kind of like Armegedon, except the crisis is an asteroid hitting the Moon and debris then hitting Earth, causing storms and the like. I'd recommend it.
  6. Dragonlance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight (animated) not bad at all (Keifer Sutherland and Lucy Lawless are voice actors). I've read the first 3 Dragonlance novels and I thought the film was more of less true to the novels...all in all, a very good adaptation, IMO.
  7. anyone mention The Twelve Kingdoms? anyway, I've enjoyed what I've seen so far of that.
  8. well, if the post creator wouldn't mind a slight digression, I have a little pop quiz (honor system, please!): (in other words, without looking it up), what is the difference between: 1) a White Russian vs. a Black Russian and 2) a Black Russian vs. a Mudslide ???
  9. sounds like you want Obsidian to it ......for the record, that is fine with me....I'm just waiting for some sort of announcement from Lucas Arts. but I guess I'm basing my speculation on the aforementioned quote about a title being developed by BioWare and Lucas Arts. somehow, I doubt that is the latest version of Sam and Max.
  10. no, I think the so called "BioWare SW MMO" is really just KOTOR 3 (as in NOT an MMO). And I don't think LA is producing KOTOR 3 in house because of Force Unleashed. Obsidian? I kind of doubt it. I mean, why would BioWare drop a hot title like KOTOR? I'm thinking it was some last-minute decision to give Obsidian KOTOR 2 and I think they want the franchise back. And think about it, with KOTOR back in their camp, they wouldn't have to keep writing Mass Effect stuff, effectively competing with Paramount, LFL and the like. I could envision some collaboration with Obsidian but my
  11. well, I checked and it just doesn't say....apparently, the firm he is with is like a subcontractor of NCSoft, the makers of Guild Wars, City of Heroes, etc. I wonder if it is a pre-existing title like that or some new deal....
  12. I'm wondering if anyone has seen the Blue Harvest movie. I just rented it and loved it. Apparently, it is a compact version of Season 1 of Family Guy: Blue Harvest (which I haven't seen yet). I'm not normally one for toilet humor, but, combined with the Star Wars motif, I was laughing my ass off. I'd highly recommend it.
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