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  1. Welp gotta say I think alot of you putting the cart way before the horse on this topic. Of course the MMORPG is going to have a monthly rate, thats a given from where im standing but that doesnt make it bad (well depending on the monthly rate of course). Bioware has aproven track record of creating very indepth quests/missions so I TOTALLY EXPECT them to continue with that level of story telling in their MMORPG. I think Bioware can make a great MMORPG if EA gives them the time needed to make it properly. Plus being in the KotOR setting is just a huge bonus. Totally dont think t
  2. So read this news on a different forum I visit and just had to pop back here and gloat (lol!) I told everyone a year ago when Bioware announced a undisclosed project it would be a MMORPG but I got shouted down by the so called "Smart Marks" of the forum at the time. My turn to gloat (grins) Ok, now that over with (heh), Im actually REALLY PUMPED about a KotOR MMORPG. Galaxies is a joke and is (and always was) basically Ultima Online with a Star Wars shell. I have to beleive Bioware will be a better job, even though it is their first MMORPG ever. The only thing that scared me is the po
  3. Definately the Old Republic for me. Thats the time line that holds the most interest for me. Course im NOT a skywalker/darth vader fan so that kinda ruins ANH and later stories. I would write about Old Republic, jedi, sith, and beyond known space.
  4. 1) Again find a different forum then to be apart of, Take this forum for example, I use to be a regular contributer here but because of posters like Tale coming In I rarley post or read here because truth be told, its just a waste of my time and energy to argue with someone so far below my level. He/She is below me. Sounds arogent but sadly its true. Id much rather spend time debateing with folks that challenge and expand my knowledge then argue about mundane things that dont matter. 2) well thing is, all forums always represent a small minority. Simple fact is the mass majority of players
  5. Not sure what your trying to get at here Silent? I read the quoted peice and really the poster said nothing at all to be honest. Seems to me the guy was complaining about forums (and if im reading right forums not owed or operated by game creater). To the poster I would say, if you dont like the community there, try a different community. Different message forums offer different rules and experiences, you just have to look around to find them is all. What I think you are talking about is the mess that was SWG. Listen SWG was miss ran from day one. Be it the game or the forums relat
  6. Yet another leap in logic. Bio has had MMO under work (prolly just in preproduction tho' ) for years. Only IP's deal/promise was exactly that. Now we see how much we can trust Bio's word. Still, can't said their IP's have been dramatically original to this date either... what a let down. Maybe DA changes that. ROFLMAO! So your logic on topic is disbeleive Biowares word and form your own opinion ignoring the facts??? LOL, WOW, thats all I can really say about that. I now understand why you and Tale and others think so steadily its K3. Hell why stop at K3? Maybe Bio
  7. How so Calax? Im just using what we all know (minus the unreliable websites like Tale was quoting). As I said before, at some point you just have to look at the facts and rumors and say 1+1 does infact equal 2. look at the facts and rumors and tell me how you can attain any other conclusion? I just dont see how myself. Fact: Bioware and LA have joined forces again Fact: Bioware not interested in doing other companies single player IP games anymore Fact: Bioware is making a MMORPG by their own admission Fact: SWG loses Star Wars Licence in 2009 Rumor: KotOR MMORPG is being made in A
  8. Perhaps it is true that Bioware mite be producing a MMORPG. But not likely based on the Knights Of The Old Republic where Revan & the Exile are concerned. They are probably reserving toughs titles for single player game play at the very lest. But it dose not mean that they are not developing & actually MMORPG of The Knights Of The Old Republic Era. That could, but not necessarily use the D20 system & art form from Knights Of The Old Republic single player games... naaa MMORPG makes sence. Its obvious now that its KotOR3 OR KotOR MMORPG. But at some point common sence
  9. This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. The contention in regards to Lucasarts is if it is even an MMO AT ALL. Not what brand of MMO it is. This would only apply if you've seen or heard anything. You've seen nothing and the only thing you've heard is a rumor from a non-reputable source. If it looks like nothing and you heard it's a duck from a drunken hobo, it might be a duck, but it also might be a tubesock. umm the link I provided is legit, Its a joint announcement from both Bioware and Lucas Arts. Again if they make this announcement (looks like a duck) then put up
  10. Thing is, LA doesnt have the Rights to Firefly, it does however own the Star Wars right which is why a official announcement that LA and Bio working togather adds merit to the rumor its a KotOR game, Plus just looked at Bioware site and as of the 30th (same day as this announcement) a MMORP forum gone up. LOL, if its looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it might be a duck
  11. freind sent this to me, doesnt say WHAT they working on togather but they ARE doing something Exciting News For BioWare Fans [Oct 30] LucasArts and BioWare have entered into an agreement to create an interactive entertainment product. The product, details of which will be unveiled at a later date, will be developed and published by BioWare and LucasArts. http://www.lucasartsbioware.com/
  12. Online GM events was done in NWN (original on AOL) and the Realms (seirra) MMORPGames. Its a great concept but because of size of MMORPGS now adays Its wouldnt have the same flare or effect. Back then you could only get, upto 200 players online at one time, now adays you have 1000s and 1000s online at one time, there is no way a GM could run a event the same way of have the same effect in modern games. A couple of guild mates (in old guild I founded then cancelled) got GM items from events in EQ2, sfter learning how they obtained them it was more like GM just picked them outta the blue
  13. LOL wow, you and Tale must be a newbie tag team to this forum. Both of you really need to enter reality, Mass Effects is going to do HUGE numbers and be a top earner and most played game of the year easily. And how do you know the combat sucks? Since the pre sales havent even gone out yet? Sorry but its not Nov 20th yet little one. Let me guess, you call Mass Effects in the Fantasy genre (and not sci fi) as well dont you. How about you actually play the game before you pass judgement.
  14. Anyone know when SW Series going to hit the TV? We need a good Sci fi series again
  15. KOTOR is Fantasy. Even moreso than Star Wars proper. KotOR is sci fi but thanks for that oh so important addiction you made. To answer someone elses question SWG had pretty much every class you could think of, including classes that didnt exist in SW (creature Handler...LOL I didnt see any people running around the planets with pet rancors following them in toe in any of the movies). Really though, the classes wouldnt be that hard to make, start with soldier, scout, smuggler like KotOR 1 did and at some point allow players to trade up to a more advanced class, be it jedi
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