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  1. Eh. 1) The average citizen will know jack about Jack. Hack, ask an average citizen about Alpha Protocol, and they'd think it's an new RPG made by Obisidan. Jack may be a newbie, but he should know that spies shouldn't walk around and get noticed by the average plebian, because an 'average pleb' may be another spy. 2) A repuation system would be nice, only if you organize it by Faction, like how GTAII and Merc1 handled it. You got 4 factions, and they want you to accomplish missions. If you accomplish a mission succesfully, then you get 'increased repuation', and being friendly with the factions can gain you special beniefts. For example, if you are friendly with the Mafia, they'd give you a discount in their military warehouse. If you get caught blowing up Faction B's HQ for Faction A, however, your repuation with Faction B goes down to zero, and Faction B is going to respond by trying to murder you. The only way to increase your rep (and stop Faction B from killing you) would be to go and kill Faction A's HQ, so as to prove Faction B that you are on their side. 3) However, I don't think it's going to be that complex for Obz. I think it's going to be a plain old battle between Jack and 'UBER EVIL CONSPIRACY', which is where the morality system comes into being. How will you take down the Conspiracy? Will you follow the Geneva Convention within the letter (and risk looking like an idiot), or do whatever you want to do?
  2. You should have. The account was a year old, but the actual video was posted on : March 24, 2008. I still think it's fake though.
  3. One thing I need to know: Some peopel on the offical forums are screaming about the implausiblty of the IG, the SoB, and the SM all killing each other in the Soulstorm campagin. What do you guys feel of it? Oh, and DoW 2 would be interesting to look at.
  4. Egad, what happened? The form format has changed. Before, it was like a normal forum, where you scroll down and read all the posts. Now, you have to go and CLICK on a post to read it. Do you know how to fix it? Or am I stuck with it?
  5. Not so certain though. Well, one, if you die and there is no Heaven or Hell, and there is obivlion, you can't feel any feeling anyway, so you don't feel your life is a waste. Another thing is that while Heaven is supposed to be eternal, Earth is not, and Earth will eventually get destroyed anyway in 5 billion years, and the human race is likely to go excitnt before that time period. Therefore, if you devote resources to Earth, you know for a fact that your effort WILL be lost in the void. But if you devote resources to helping you and your fellow humans go to Heaven, there is a chance that your effort may in fact prove worthwhile, and that since you are going to live forever in Heaven, it becomes more effective to spend resources to Heaven than to Earth. But suppose the other thing: Suppose you die and there was Heaven but you didn't get enough "points" to get to Heaven, so you lose out. Prehaps erring on the side of caution may be better. That, or seeking a happy compromise where you are doing something that you really like to do on Earth, and it just so happens to get you a ticket to Heaven in the process. EDIT: This is supposing reincartion and all the other religions are not true. If reincaration is correct, then that means I'm stuck having to live in this Earth for a long, long time, and due to the fact that the Earth isn't perfect, hm, I would like to explore a way to end reincaration and die my last death, thank you very much.
  6. Am I the only gamer who want some sort of government regulation? Studies has shown that violent video games can cause aggressive behavior. Granted, not as much as other people claim, but we should make an effort to have some sort of policy. Plus, it might be me, but I'm utterly bored of seeing violence. It's not fun at all. Stop protraying blood, it's not that important!
  7. Bonds took steriods, Bond admitted it as such. Did Bond knowingly taken Steriods? Bond said he didn't, that he got flaxseed oil, and he thought it was flaxseed oil, and it really wasn't flaxseed oil. Therefore, Bond does not get an asterix, because we don't know if Bond knows or if Bond did not know. "Innocent before proven guilty". Bond may be lying under oath, as that is what he was accused of. But lying does not equal taking steriods.
  8. I would like to make a new topic, but I realize it might be better to just combine it here. Walsh, I need you reaction to this news event that is freaking me out and could very well signal an end to the "Iraq Getting Better" topic. Shia Militas Are Using Lull in Violence To Fight Each Other
  9. But is westernisation the same as becoming a 'puppet'? Even Japan manitans its worship of the emproer, and their history textbooks believe that fighting WWII was the right thing to do. You still have some traditional elements, just that it's combined with western ideals. It's a hybrid. I think this 'hyrbid' is a possible solution (combining aspects of Islam and westernization), but in the end, since Islam has 800 million followers, you can't get everyone on board. Its strength is at the same time its weakness.
  10. While this is true, the vast majority of Iraqis are indeed Muslim. In a way though, you are right, it is inaccurate. It's like saying, "Oh, America is a Chrisitan Nation with Chrisitan values", which is true, but also simplistic. That why I didn't add Gulf Storm to the list of "American Military Defeats". The United States won that war. Fair and square, because of their limited objectives. There are also lots of other military victories as well: The Revolutionary War, the Settler/Indian Wars in the 1860-90's, the Invasion of Hawaii, the Spanish-American War, the Phillpine Insurgency, the various interventions in South America and the Carribean to overthrow communist governments... True, not all wars are grotesque grinding messes, I didn't mean to give that impression actually. I did however mention what I did because sometimes, the US lose wars. That doesn't mean later the US might eventually prevail over its enemies, but it can suffer setbacks. It would be better to take setbacks in strides rather than panic and worry too much about losing.
  11. Don't play into the hands of extermists. By stating that you want to change the region and make it pro-Western, you are basically admitting that you want to turn Muslims into Western puppets. And, well, uh, Muslims don't want to be puppets. Nobody does, after all. It's understandable. To stop extermism, you have to buff the moderate wing of Islam who wants secularism and believe the US is a 'model', but at the same time, keep the 'yoke of Islam' and their traditional idenities. *** ...The PKK is still doing terror attacks in Turkey, and an Turkish intervention is possible. The dispute over Kirkuk and who should own it, Arabs, Kurds, or have it be 'multi-ethinc' looms. SCIRI and the Medhi Army are two major parties that hate each other very much so in the Shia controlled regions. Americans are allying with Sunni insurgent groups that hate Al-Qadiah more than they hate the Allied forces (but still hate the Allied Fores)...but the Shias are afraid of the insurgent groups, and actually some of the insurgent leaders working with the US are wanted by the Iraqi Government. The Iraqi Government, controlled by Shias, are friendly to Iran. However, there are good news: The Medhi Army is lying low, and in fact, is cracking down on the splinter groups that do attacks on Americans. And the surge, yes, it has great manpower, but how long can it last? But, uh, well, I hate talking about 'better' or 'worse' or 'winning' or 'losing'. You are going to have to deal with the small issues, and you can't frame it in big questions of "staying until we are done" or "withdraw now!" You have to look and say, "Alright. We got these problems. It could be worse, it could be better, but you know what, let deal with what we got." **** In the end, get used to this. Most of the wars the US have fought can be seen to be quamires and failures. The War of 1812, declared by the US, was nothing more than a meaningless stalemate that led to the destruction of Washigiton, DC. The Civil War and Reconstruction failed to reform the South, and instead, saw the traditional system of Whites be kept. World War I failed to check German expansion (see Nazisim). The Cold War did not stop either Communism or Russia, in fact, with the rise of China as a world power and a resurging Russian empire led by Putin, one can argue it's still being fought today. The Americans ran away from Lebanon after a sucidice bombing, and from Somaila after a pitched battle with angry crowds of civilians. American involvement in Nicagrua was undone by the recent election that brought the Sandaraists back into power, American involvement in Afghanistan during the Cold War paved the way to the Taliban, and American involvement in Angola led to...nothing at all. Oh, and I didn't even mention the Korean and First and Second Indochina Wars (Vietnam War). Why I say that? To lessen the blow. So what if we 'lose' in Iraq? It's not the end of American hegomony. We can still recover. We lost many wars, we wasted lots of money, but look in the long haul, not in the short term. There are other issues out there, issues that may be more important than Iraq. The national debt, for one.
  12. I know many people love, er, I mean, know of WWI. However, I am afraid people are not so interested about the actual questions that sparked World War I. The actual debates, the struggles. Okay, I don't know much either, but I do remember only two questions during that time period. I need you guys to answer them. In Honor of Remembrance Day. Question of the Balkans: Should there be a pan-Slavic state, known as Yugoslavia? There were lots of nationalist setinment to unite the Slavs, which were in the indepedent nation of Serbia and in Bosna-Hergizationa, controlled by Austria-Hungray. In fact, a terrorist wanting this pan-Slavic state killed the Archduke of Austria, which sparked World War I. (Yugoslavia attacked Serbia in response to this terror attack, and Russia was allied to Serbia. The entangling alliances led up to Britian, France, and Russia to battle against Austria, Germany, and the Ottaman Empire) Question of Netural Waters: Should a netural nation trade with nations that are at war? And if they trade with nations that are waging war, are they therefore justifiable targets and should be bombed in order to stop the enemy from gaining resources? Germany did use u-boats to sink netural (american) ships, and the British mined waters in order to sink netural (american) ships as well. Has the neturality of a nation violated if they don't follow this sort of thing? And what about civilian deaths on those trading vessels? And, should Germany follow international law and state to the enemy that their ship will be attaked before attacking said ship? Alright, so that second question didn't start World War I, but it did lead to American involvement in the war, on the side of the Allies.
  13. http://www.amazingben.com/rpg.html ...wow. Check this out. I understand full well that this is a pardoy/satire of actual RPG plots...but, I don't know, I sorta...well...enjoyed it. Hey, it's better than actually grinding in an RPG. I can see the generator took some inspiration from the first KOTOR game as well. You can set gerne, your alignment (of good or evil), and also backgrounds and music to go along with you reading it.
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