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  1. Heres how I see it: Sikhs are human beings, just like anyone else. They aren't better or worse than any other religion (or non religion) out there and therefore deserve no special privileges, particularly in regards to carrying dangerous weapons around. What makes a Sikh more worthy of being allowed to carry a weapon than a Christian, a Buddhist or a Muslim? Also, there are lots of violent sectarian conflicts within Sikhism, particularly between the various "deras" (Sikh sects with living gurus) and orthodox Sikhs. In India there have been riots, assassination attempts and other conflicts
  2. I've watched the Caprica pilot though, and it was pretty damn good.
  3. Finally finished the Wire. **** that was an amazing show. Only The Shield has left as big a void. The Mad Men and Dexter season finales were amazing, looks like both shows will be shaking things up for next season. Mad Men's last is definitely one of the best season finales ever. What're everyone's thoughts on Sons of Anarchy and Damages? Surprised not to see any mention of them.... A lot of interesting HBO shows seem to be on the way.... Cocaine Cowboys, Treme, Game of Thrones, Gentlemen of Leisure, Boardwalk Empire, The Pacific.... Add that to already existing shows like True Blo
  4. roshan


    Based on the pilot, I'd give the show a C. It's watchable, at best. The story makes no sense thus far. Why has the son become so obsessed with the Vs? How in the world did the resistance get started, and how'd they find out about the history of the Vs? The pilot had no plot, seemed like a sequence of random, disjointed scenes. All the revelations fell flat, from the partner turning out to be a V, to the black hero V, to the V sleeper cell...... Yawn. What a dissapointment, I was hoping that this would at least turn out to be better than Flashforward.
  5. So far its just a cheap BSG knockoff with ridicuous, contrived drama/storylines and atrocious acting. I might watch another episode, but don't see myself continuing beyond that....
  6. So since starting this thread, Ive watched (or am in the process of watching): In Treatment Generation Kill Stargate Universe Carnivale Oz Californication Entourage True Blood Mad Men Breaking Bad Sons of Anarchy Dexter Flashforward Heroes Veronica Mars This was my old list: Battlestar Galactica Jericho Terminator Lost Desperate Housewives 24 (first season only) Prison Break Rome The Shield Firefly The Wire Deadwood The Sopranos The Black Donnellys Weeds Now I'm looking for more shows! Will read through this thread again later looking to see what I'v
  7. OK, so the last time I bought anything computer related was when the Pentium 4 was still new. So, now, Im hopelessly uninformed regarding the latest computer hardware trends. I need a new computer, and want the most bang for my buck. I need advice on video cards and processors in particular. Also, is a sound card worth investing in? And is there anything new on the RAM front that I should know about?
  8. roshan

    TV: Heroes

    Just watched the season premiere. The show is just getting really ****ing dumb. Why in the world would Claire try to stop Peter with a bullet, given the powers that he has? The entire drama nonsense about Claire wanting to feel human and trying to get hit by trains is simply retarded. Claires mom meets her after a long time and what she does is light a fire in her hand? WTF is that about? The entire scene with Peter joining up with the criminals seemed stupid and forced. Why would future Peter opt to shoot Nathan, put the mind reader in the middle of an African desert, and transfer his brother
  9. Thanks for your help! I cant do the gpedit solution, since the group policy editor is not avalable in XP home edition, and I cant open the registry editor either! I guess some worm or virus has sneaked into my system. Will download AVG and see if that helps, otherwise, will do a reformat.
  10. Ok, heres a question for all you guys out there..... Im trying to open the task manager, but keep getting a message that says "task manager has been disbaled by your administrator". Problem is, im logged in under the administrator account, and have done no such thing. Any clue what to do about this? BTW, Im running Windows XP home edition.
  11. Just completed Carnivale and Oz, and Im feeling pretty pissed off at HBO now. They keep creating awesome shows and then cancelling them.
  12. Im not sure Buffy is my thing.... Ive seen some episodes (back when I was a teenager), and it seemed immature to me even then. Also the acting didnt seem to be any good. Ive watched all of 24 (except half the last season), but didnt mention the other seasons because they basically sucked, a lot. Season 1 was amazing, season 2 was still alright, but after that.... Jack Bauer turns into a superhero who can withstand anything (and can even teleport), the writing becomes so bad and the characters so cliche and stereotypical that most scenes make me cringe. Even the plot lines are absurd and ri
  13. House is repetive like sex is repetive. If you don
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