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  1. http://kotaku.com/355794/pandemic-working-...the-rings-title Yes yes, I know the link is about Pandemic. But if you look at the picture, Bioware is listed (now that it is owned by EA), with one of the projects being "KOTOR". Also note that KOTOR is distinctly different from "New MMO". A kotaku story on KOTOR: http://kotaku.com/355808/bioware-at-work-on-a-new-kotor Yes, it's still a "rumor" as EA has not confirmed, but come on, random acronyms like "KOTOR" just don't accidently get put in an analyst's report unless there is something real behind it... So despite those people
  2. You know... I don't know how I'd feel if this were true. My first reaction is that KOTOR succeeded as a single-player and that was where it belonged. Today we don't see many single-player RPGs in the spotlight, and I really enjoyed what KOTOR did. While I enjoy playing with other people a lot (I am a World of Warcraft player), somehow running around the galaxy and bumping into other Jedis on the "same" journey doesn't seem the same. KOTOR I or II wouldn't have worked out if there were a galaxy full of Revans or Exiles. Yes, they would write the story so it wasn't based on you, the one
  3. I don't know the validity, but it's hit the front page of digg and would fit the rumors based on Bioware's new Austin studio for MMO. http://www.primotechnology.com/2007/10/19/...kotor-universe/
  4. Never seen that before. That's sweet. I don't think it look MC at all.
  5. I have a natural 16 int and I say "[intelligence] How did you get here?" only to have T3 shut up and not say anything, to which I say something about him not wanting to tell me anything... Any help? (Did anyone understand that?)
  6. You'll never get an exact number of how many Jedi were left over. All it takes is for some new author to be writing a Star Wars book who needs another character or some new Star Wars game and ta-da - Magic! A new Jedi character is created who just happened to survive the purge. (shrug) Never seems to get old though. And Plo Kloon was sweet.
  7. Actually, z and c are the default left and right movement controls. The issue is that you usually don't move left or right in either of the KOTOR games, you move the camera left or right with the a and d keys. By pressing w and pressing the turn camera buttons you can change directions and turn smoothly. When I first played KOTOR I thought the same thing as you and changed the left and right buttons before I realized you aren't meant to go left and right but instead meant to turn the camera. Hope that makes sense!
  8. Personally I wouldn't want to revist planet from previous games. Maybe one or two, but just look how people were disappointed with Dantooine and Korriban. If you try to recreate them, most people will be disappointed.
  9. As for K1, I guess I wasn't really trying to figure out what was going on, becuase I was surprised by the Revan revelation. As for let-downs, I'd say playing lightside and getting all the Jedi together just to have them try to "cut you off from the force" and then watching helplessly as they are turned into twitching corpes made me feel like I had just wasted my time running across the galaxy. Also on MV playing LS, just having the Ebon Hawk magically appear from the depths of the great pit really was a let-down. Total discontinuity and then the fly-by...to...? Yeah...let down... K
  10. Yeah, I'm looking forward to this one. I'm not really a multiplayer gamer, but this one should be good enough to take a shot at. I always did enjoy Civ, and this one sounds like it will live up to the series. But I do agree with Elder said, that they should focus on making a good game, not to live up to the name. Fortunatly, from what I've heard, that's exactly what the designers have done.
  11. That would be great! I'm going to try that...
  12. That sort of what I used to do. It was frustrating, but I would just restart the computer several times and as soon as Windows loaded, I would start the game. But even that won't work any more. Never did figuer out what "Stack: Overflow" meant. Thanks. I went to the LA website several times, but it never did explain it well. Still, it has been a while. Maybe I'll bust it out and give it another go...
  13. TIE Fighter was the best game ever. That's the version I got. The one that runs with the XvsT engine, right? Still no music. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> The music did add a key part. This Gamespot article (from when they declared TIE Fighter one of the Greatest Games of All Time) explains the different versions of the game and the whole issue with the iMuse music system. (Read the gray panel on the right - it's the part that talks about the version issues of the game) I have a second, older computer that runs Windows 95, but I can't even get TIE Fighter to work on that
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