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  1. Yeah, I talked to them. She assured me she wouldn't go on any Star Wars RP sites, so everything's good.
  2. You think you went into a rant? Let me help you; YOU DID!
  3. I hereby declare Knights of the Old Republic our winner!
  4. No way! Wow. Who is he/she? I need to PM them about this.
  5. Was that a "Is that you because I know you?" or a "What the heck is a Grand Inquisitor" or "Why the name Tarna?" I believe that was about Tarna so here goes: When I registered here my charcter's name was Tarna Renson. I then switched to Tarna Saavo. When I was knighted and given the title of "Darth" I chose my name to be "Darth Tarna". Please register. And to Benjamin Korr: The Dark Sith Lords does have a Jedi sister site. http://rebels.myfreeforum.org/index.php You have to register without the "Jedi Master". You can gain that title as you advance. I beg you, they are awesome. And when you register, PM me and I'll explain things. LONG LIVE EMPRESS SABER! LONG LIVE EMPEROR DRACULE!
  6. Sorry I haven't been here in ages. Well, I've turned to the Dark Side! YAY!!!!!! So I am a Sith by the name of Darth Tarna on here http://thedarksithlords.myfreeforum.org/index.php and Grand Inquisitor Tarna on herehttp://thegalaxyoftheforce.myfreeforum.org/index.php Join up on these sites. They are roleplay sites. You create a character and they can climb the ranks. (For The Dark Sith Lords site) ALL HAIL EMPRESS SABER! (For The Galaxy of The Force site) ALL HAIL EMPEROR DRACULE! Trust me, we are all like one huge family. Join up and get comradery and a great experience.
  7. Republic Commando was way too "dark" for a proper Star Wars game. It was Medal of Honer with droids. LEGOs rule! I made my KOTOR characters into LEGOs. What happend to Ep. III people! C'mon Cin Drallig, Serra Keto, the duel with Mace Windu. And who can forget the video of Anakin winning on Mustafar!
  8. You can't hear Nihilus talking over the toilet flushing in the bathroom. What? That's him! naah. Kreia is like "I'm on the light side, but you should sacrifice Visas." What the hell is that! And ordering Hanharr to kill Mira (who is helping us), it was no surprise when she was like "I'm evil!"
  9. I am currently working on Vrook in defense bonus 9 armor and 2 purty good sabers and the old fart is whacking the crap out of me. Not to mention Atton and DSJedi Handmaiden are standin there watchin. Zez Kai-Ell was easy. I haven't faced Kavar or the chick yet.
  10. Jesus was not a Sith! Let's give Jesus and Malak sabers. Well, Jesus would throw it away and start preaching. Malak would charge, and JC would dodge the saber and smack him across the face. Then he would preach. How did we go from quotes to Jesus? oh well
  11. I firmly believe the only reason Gungans were in Ep. I is because GL was made at everybody who told him not to make the PT. Thus, every gungan who dies is another person who didn't want I-III. This is MY theory, don't take it without sending me a message or IMing me and asking. I have lots of people who steal that. GUNGANS ARE BANTHA FODDER!!! Oh yeah, love the comments gungan haters. Gungan lovers, you lost my influence points. No lifestory for you.
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