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  1. Wow not a very well founded argument. Look at the difference in characters in SC 2. I mean the majority of the original SC dev team is gone leaving the new guys to just add content on their own. This makes alot of die hard SC fans a little queezy. Aside from that no one wanted to wait 10 years for the next SC chapter but it was made alot easier by SC's customization and fanbase which increased it's staying power. KOTOR 2 is hard to compare to a game like that.
  2. I couldn't see Bioware developing Kotor 3. Aside from that the improvements OE made to the sequel were nothing short of aazing. If only they had enough time to finish it properly . I want to see OE do Kotor 3 because I think they would work twice as hard on it to make up for the hasty release of the 2nd one.
  3. Same for me but a Kotor MMO would definitely make me take the plunge. Nothing so far has even come close to picquing my interest. Maybe galaxies
  4. I would not be so sure. Companies abandon great franchises all the time (see Bioware and the Baldur's Gate franchise for example). Still, I agree that LucasArts is unlikely to throw away the KOTOR franchise - the key word being franchise, not series. They will probably leverage it to create a MMO game. I really hope I am wrong on this one, but that seems to be the trend these days. Sorry bad choice of words. But I completely agree with you. The real money is in MMO's these days and it would not surprise me to see them go in that direction. Sad part is no matter what the next Kotor game turns out to be I'll still buy it
  5. It's in the dune sea ware every time you renter the area 4 wades are spawned but they bottom out at 15exp. also I think sometimes you can git some sand people to ambush you. also if you happen to git the galaxy droid you can go back to taris and complete any quest you missed for exp. pre completed quest will give no exp but I think you git to keep exp from fights. Go to the site www.team-gizka.org There you will find out about all the things Kotor II was supposed to have but were cut last minute. One of them is randomly spawning assassin droids. The Level 50 cap was meant to be used. Also you will find that they are re-incorporating all of this lost content and I can tell you I will be the one of the first to download it
  6. I can tell you that no company wants to reveal its entire hand all at once. Look back on all the star wars games and you will see it is very rare for 2 to be developed or even announced at the same time. Again this is just speculation so don't take it to seriously but I could not see lucas arts throwing the Kotor series (which has a well formed foundation) away. I mean it just doesn't make fiscal sense. I guarantee that Kotor 3 as well as Battlefront 3 will both be developed. The question is just when?
  7. True yet it would make alot of sense not to announce a new project with one already well into development. Then again everyone thought Bioware was "secretly" developing it without saying anything so as not to affect potential Mass Effect customers. Personally I couldn't see Lucas Arts dropping any money making franchise as they enjoy beating everything to death so we'll have to see how it plays out. Not saying I wouldn't be one of the first people in line to buy Kotor 3 it's just they really do milk alot of stuff dry.
  8. Infinite spawn was incorporated by the developers into the first kotor and if it is exploitation why does the game have a a lvl 50 cap?
  9. Now not to be confused with the Kotor 3 suggestions etc.. I would like to discuss why people think Kotor 3 is yet to be announced and perhaps about all this Kotor 3 MMO speculation. Personally I'm leaning towards Lucas Arts not wanting to interrupt sale of The Force Unleashed or even Battlefront 3 (after TFU is out of course). Anyone have any thoughts? Also does anyone else think the Kotor MMO would be kind of interesting? I've actually never played any MMO's as of yet so if I was to start it would either be SW: Galaxies or perhaps this rumoured game.
  10. Thats a pretty pessimistic view for someone who reads the KOTOR 3 ideas and suggestions thread lol
  11. I dont like the idea of a limited number of planets to explore and whatnot.. They should really take some design cues from the game Mass Effect.. Except of course adding space battles.. Being able to build and/or modify a ship for your travels would be of course very interesting.. other then that full character customization (like mass effect) would be great as well as being able to choose who your companions would be, like if you could chat up any character in the game, making them like you and having them join you (up to a set amount of something like 8 of course) after which you should be able to kick a party member out in exchange for a different one.. I know this is alot to ask but every gamer out there can agree that customization is video game gold!
  12. Now in my opinion.. KOTOR and KOTOR 2 were way too linear.. I want to be able to go out and make my own way in the game as well as still have the availability to do the main quest (By choice of course).. So what I'm saying is a little less linear a lot more open.. Other then that I was very disapointed with a few things in the original games such as the inability to actually fly around and engage in space battles or even upgrading/using vehicles.. The star wars universe prides itself on its vehicles and not being able to use them was a big disapointment.. As far as my main suggestion, Customization is everything in a game! BTW I loved the first 2 games and can't wait for a third.. I mean who doesn't love light sabers Sorry bit off topic bout what you guys are discussing lol
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