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  1. If you're playing on Vista this is not unusual. If you're not, then maybe it's your latest Nvidia driver that's causing this mess. The game usually goes better with versions prior to 100. Yeah, I know it sucks, but if you ever menage to workaround this issue you'll realize the game is very good. I wonder if someone will ever violate the EULA and mess with the .exe to make it less buggy and maybe more Vista-friendly. This, combined with TSLRP would make the game awesome. Too bad LA does not let people from obsidian patch the game properly.
  2. Okay, so Starcraft was originally made in 1997 and it's sequel is announced at 2007 - 10 years later. Does anyone have a doubt it's going to be a huge hit? (there were endless rumours about this game during all this decade, hell, people almost had a heart attack when WoW was ready to be announced - since Blizz's main page showed the "planet with stars" wallpaper during that day - everyone gave as certain that it would be Starcraft 2, allas, it wasn't) So why not be content and wait even 10 years to see some high quality KOTOR in the future, maybe? And maybe they will even announce either a MMO or a single-player sequel readily, which doens't mean the game will be ready in the next 2 years.
  3. http://www.3dactionplanet.com/hlp/hosted/ce/bwo/ This link lead to BlackWater Ops, a campaign made by users for Freespace 2. Just take a look at last update on their site: September.5.2004 Beta Testing Continues ------ July.5.2004 End of the Road So its 2004 and its been maybe three or four years since we started this bloody thing and the end is in sight. Alot has changed recently so lets recap They had already delivered 3 or 4 excellent campaigns for the game and were more exalted than team-gizka by their respective community. So, unless I see TSLRP actually released I don't put any faith in it at all. It's cool to speak nice and make everyone wait but I don't see any proof that they will even release it to public. They could just use for themselves, their friends and couple guys in the holowan labs. Or it could be just one of the biggest jokes ever made and all us clowns are waiting for the bugfix like a countdown where there is nothing being restored. Seriously, if these guys were to work on a game company I think of them unfit even to work on blizzard (which does endless beta testing, take forever to release graphically outdated titles and then you realize bugs and unbalanced stuff are still there, so heads up for endless patches - and I really enjoy their titles in spite of all this). I honestly hope, for our sake, that I'm wrong. But I guess we'll be seeing KOTOR3, Starcraft 2, Diablo 3, NWN 3 and even the last SW Trilogy (there are 3) being released before this.
  4. Idea: Darth Maldis (from "maldito": spanish/portuguese for word "damned"). Your idea feels terribly Harry Potterish
  5. When I get to think of ari and bastilla, I usually feel sorry for ari being so naive (and according to herself in HoTU she never really loved Fenthick) and I usually feel like bastilla should shut up and be my slave.
  6. Hey waht's up doods? Me think Visaes a hot chick and me wonders whert can Raeven be? I mean, he godly char and all... I be new in teh forums, u know waht i mean? Talking bout laserswords, they fockin luk nice don't they? Uh... soryy, me computer be slow! I got all worng spell, be nice to me will u?
  7. I like to have Bastila on my party when I go dark side and get her to be my Sith sex-slave. I don't know what to say about light side playthru... since i really hate LS ending...
  8. It's usually nice to make a new windows installation when you change your hardware. I would recommend you to do so and install all latest drivers for your hardware when the fresh windows is up and running.
  9. I'm very frustrated that we're going to the 3rd year waiting... really, they could make public beta, it's much faster to solve issues this way. I mean, they're not making a new game, what's the point of waiting this long to release it? I fear this project may yet die...
  10. I went one time Sentinel/Assassin and had no trouble, and last week I played guardian/watchman and it was even easier as far as can remember. I always play difficult, cause otherwise it's just pure waste of time playing the game to just hack thru bad guys like paper.
  11. You just need to get thorium charges from inside one of the rooms in the academy itself, then if you chose DS male revan you get a holocron of bastila, otherwise the holocron is dead. Other option is to get thorium from the rodian outside khoonda (the one who sells droid junk).
  12. I would fall to the dark side... too many times I'm the guy saying "you're asking me to be rational, that's something I cannot do" lol
  13. Is this HK-49 cut content or just fan made addon?
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