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  1. cant try it yet (just got atton to lvl 0, need to go get mandalore on dxun first) i had started a new file a few days ago calling myself Dark-Essence ( i am obviously evil)
  2. sweet! atton is soooo easy to manipulate, i guess u just have to think of your party members as nothing more than tools.
  3. i agree to a point, the game is still fun... but it lacks the sense of modding and stuff.
  4. 'nuff said, it was fun to play, and cutscenes were good, but the story was too poorly edited. It also never explained who made the tk copies, or who could have since revan constructed the original
  5. revan did appear in kotor 2 as a vision, but it made no sense, since the exile had never seen "dark revan" as he was portrayed, since revan was still a jedi until malachor.
  6. i dont think that either side will win, cause they never do really, the empire never really "won over the republic," cause the republic is back, and some jedi survived; and the rebel alliance never really beat the empire. (sure the emperor is dead, but he was like resurected as a clone at least once, and there are always more remants of the imperial empire, or some new threat. I'd say they should begin mass expeditions past the outer rim (they dont know wats out there) such as the threat that revan sought after. (we dont even know wat happened to him either) For all we know hes still alive, si
  7. every1 has hacks, mods, or secrets for the pc version of knights 2, but are there any xbox things like that? im wondering cause i have it for xbox and love it.
  8. what is the pacifist upgrade? i have kotor2 for xbox
  9. no, the explanation was perfect, but the way obsidian edited the game wasn't (no offense obsidian members, i know u were on a tight schedule.)
  10. why wasn't your party helping u on malachor 5? Kreia hinted that they were still alive, but where were they? Why did it act like bao dur was dead? sorry, but it dont make sense to me, cause the exile didn't leave with them. and the movie "death of the ebon hawk," how could it still fly after that?
  11. idk if you are still active in this post deadly nightshade... cause i didnt want to read all the pages ... but i agree with u, the republic was corrupt too, and it wasn't just by sidious. Senators loyalties could be bought by others or outside parties... and the underworld of coruscant will never go away, no matter who rules. both sides have problems.
  12. i just saw Get Smart again (got it on DVD for my birthday) it is hilarious and anne hathaway is really hot
  13. i really liked golden eye, it was actually really good in my opinion. I think quantom is 'spose to be bout bond wanting to take vengeance on some1, havent really seen enough to tell other than that. wat bond movies was brosnan in other than golden eye and die another day?
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