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  1. The world will end when the armies of the United Lesbian Stripper Ninja Front face off against the Zombies apolypase front.
  2. well i be damn again and again. this is one hell of a ****ing bump. a 4 year old ****ing bump. Revan pwns you all and your mama.
  3. if you redeem Kel, you will see him there too. In one of the room, it is in the same room where the computer that has the comparsions of the three classes.
  4. if you can give her a light armor feat, yes she can. I have found her to be dangerous with good Light Jedi Armor with good upgrades. Also I have found that she is deadly with MTWF with Shiico form either Twin Lightsaber or a double lightsaber.
  5. That is what I did. Why get your hands dirty when someone else can be persuaded to do it for you? It was a hard choice for me because a guy that saved her life from Taris's destruction and saved her best friend. Then that guy saved her brother and help her brother out. Her wookie best friend or A guy that did many good things for her Tough choice. Other than Killing Mission, the other were no problem. I wish that there was a brillant speech from Revan why they should follow the dark side and follow him instead of killing them. Having a good reason to use persucde or Dominate Mind in the DS ending. I do think that Darth Revan would love to have more tools to have to strike at the heart of the Republic.
  6. only flaw, It is with Revan. and Everyone has their own verison of Revan.
  7. A Raging Berserker is always an idiot due to his rage. Anger can be easily exploitable yet it is a source of great strenght.
  8. I won't be surprised that it is total bull****. but it doesn't mean that it won't happen. Just unlikely it will happen.
  9. *****s himself hard* I do hope we get to know the fates of Revan and Exile. *secretly wishes to play as Revan again*
  10. Don't forget during the mid 90s with the superweapon of the week.
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