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  1. whaoh how do you get some of those robes??????
  2. Ok thanks for clearing that up. My last (first) character had a very high repair skill, my current one has 0, that explains it. (int 8, I'm making a pure consular/sith lord, with almost everything on wis, char and a bit of str for critical strike). Damn that's going to be problem. Can you buy parts, you can can't you?
  3. its not a glitch, that happebed to me all the time and i like you, have an xbox,don't woory when you progress through the game it will give you better weapons and armor to break down that have more than one component. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I already have good armor and weapons. They should break down into tens or hundreds of parts, (good armor like verpine fiber mesh etc, still says only 1 part when I try to break it down). It's a glitch, how could it not be?
  4. I'm on my second game, at Telos right now, and I've just noticed that no matter what item I have they are all giving me only 1 part when I try to break them down at a workbench (xbox version). It actually says '1' on everything, and that's with good armor, weapons, they all give only 1 part! Will this glitch go away, or do I have to start a new game? Never had any bugs the first time round, what can I do?
  5. What was so great about Tulak Hord?, could someone please provide a link to anything about him.
  6. So, am supposed to spend $300+ on a 'new generation' console, or at least as much on pieces for a computer ... just so i can play a game which is basically old KotOR with cranked up visuals? no, thank you. if i ever get deranged to the point i'd seriously consider this kind of expense for such trivial gain, feel free to shoot me. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I too am becoming frustrated with the pushing forward of new and ever more expensive technologies which offer for their price essentially nothing at all new to game design. When I look at the consoles I currently own an
  7. In Episode 111 Yoda says to Anakin something like "beware of attachment, it leads to jealosy, which is the shadow of greed" This is what I hate about the jedi, the 'emotion is bad' stuff. If the way of the Sith leads to destruction and misery, then the extreme light leads to oblivion. There is simply no point to being alive because you aren't allowed to feel anything. You have to be selfless to the point where any appreciation or satisfaction is impossible. And this isn't just a code for the Jedi to follow : attachment leads to jealousy which leads to greed which leads to the dark side
  8. If by mental you mean actually use my brain, then yes. If that had actually made any sense I would have asked, "and you would know this how?" I don't really agree at all with anything you said, so answer these... If the "hole" doesn't lead anywhere, and the object broke up, where did the peices go? With it being a collpsed(imploded) star, yes true, but it's not of infinite mass, not mass really at all, it's of the exact opposite mass that the star had. Since a star is energy, when it's imploded it's made negative, so if something is pulled into it and the object is conv
  9. Are you mental? A black hole isn't just a hole, it doesn't lead anywhere. At its centre is supposed to be an object of infinite density, hence the massive gravitational force surrounding this collapsed star>> creating the 'hole', dumbo. Any object entering the hole would eventually break up as it neared this object, forming matter to be compacted.
  10. yes that's really the issue, and by lightsaber I include swords in that, because as far as I know lightabers weren't invented yet in the time of the ancient Sith empire. I really don't like yodas dueling style, it's all acrobatics, reminds me of Darth Maul using martial arts instead of lightsaber skill to defeat his opponents. But being a small green fella with very short arms he probably doesn't have a choice. By the way that fight between Palpitine and Mace had to be the best in the movie, short and brutal...
  11. I can't accept that Obi Wan was one of the best, he was totally owned by Dooku in Ep11, Anakin had the excuse of being a kid, he could improve. How Obi Wan got good enough to take on Anakin is a mystery. So that move cutting off Dookus hands was sneaky?...and Vader LET luke win to get him to turn to the darkside... I more interested in the ancient ones, Freedon Nadd, Naga Sadow, Exar Kun....etc...
  12. Pretty self explanatory. I would have said Dooku unitil I saw Revenge of the Sith. Kreia said something about the ancient Jedi/Sith being the true masters, having no comparison with current (KOTOR current) jedi . So, who was the best?....
  13. Red. Red looks the best. Followed by silver, then blue. Green only looks good when contrasted with blue, otherwise it looks sickly. In KOTOR 1 does anyone remeber those two sith recruits practising dueling in the sith acadmey on Korriban? One with a single red lightsaber, the other doublebladed....that looked so cool.
  14. if you're a darksider your limited to red. (maybe purple, but not if your really bad). I think they should have a had a darker red variant of crystal. Cyan looks like the true blue, the blue used in the origianl episodes 4,5 and 6, better and more jedi like than jus plain blue.
  15. Bandon is the worst bacause he intigated the 2 sith rule. That made the whole galaxy much less interesting.
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