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  1. 1. Read back a few pages. 2. I suppose this theory conveniently doesn't include light, or at least the circumference of the sphere you are referring to is larger than 15 billion light years. 3. No, we might not know the correct answer, but we can eliminate completely incorrect and unfeasible ones. " <{POST_SNAPBACK}> 1. no 2. er the light would be the stars i guess also it would explain why some scientists thing the universe is expanding and some think its contracting :D 3. but what if im right? lets hope not! :ph34r:
  2. but.. that means god created the aliens in the first place : o / why didnt he just not make the invaders?! wouldnt make sense
  3. if there was a big bang then what caused it? also all the debri of the bang would have to come from a stupidly large mass of rock and maybe ice :ph34r: and where did the huge rock come from... ? i always thought the universe was dimentional.. er as in if you went off in a direct line into space (and didnt crash into something) that you would end up arriving back at earth, but behind where you set off : P i always loved thinking about this no one can answer these questions and there is no answer maybe we are in a being (like germs) and he/she/it is wondering how his universe was ma
  4. i dont understand how darth vader in RotJ killing the emporor could "save him from the darkside" after all he was just doing what all sith apprentices do. and after the younglings execution i think he needed do a lot more than that :cool:
  5. Shadowrun appeared on sega cd also i believe. although it was anime style i think.
  6. Statement: how about seeing the star wars galaxy through the eyes of HK 47
  7. Statement: the character ending was going to be much worse as in they all get slain by the hag Statement: cannot compare it to the empire strikes back if there is no 3rd game or the 3rd game does not feature same characters.
  8. Answer : As far as i know they are planning to add some different endings including deathscenes of partymembers. Restoring Content with the G0T0 cutscenes was mentioned too if i remember correctly. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Querry: will some of the features being added be optional? rather than just adding all? Irritated statement: i must say i have grown attached to some of the meatbags.
  9. Statement: Aurora i do hope you wont add the cut parts where the party members are all killed off in turn by the old meatbag. although seeing goto die would be pleasureable. Querry: Do you plan on adding that?
  10. Statement: its the lack of closure that i didnt like. like what happened on board the Ebon Hawk after they flew away.
  11. Querry: wonder how posters would have been if they saw the end of the empire strikes back years ago.. and no word on return of the jedi
  12. Statement: that sound effects in GUI seem to be taken from nwn also the nwn complettion of journal tune also plays very quietly.. or i hope it does.. either that or im going madder than i thought possible.
  13. Lie: i like any with Jar Jar Binks. how i love to see his wonderful face! Observation: Kath hounds in the distance do bear an odd resembelance to Jar Jar Binks.. i must say it does seem to improve my aim.
  14. Statement: Bioware will at least ensure that NWN2 will have patches when needed. of that i am 99% sure.
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