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  1. Carth appears if you tell Atton that Revan was LS female or male. Bastilla only appears if Revan was LS male.
  2. Basically, finish talking to him after he says "I'm not ready yet" so you leave the dialogue with him, then you get your influence AFTER the conversation is done. Then, immediately go talk to him again. I had a problem my second time through when I think I made him a Jedi before finishing a piece of dialogue (Something about why he didn't like the Jedi.) Even through I'd maxed out my influence with Disciple (I saw cutscenes after I did nice things with Disciple in the party and he said "wow that was really nice of you" I still wouldn't get any more influence with him) I never did a success to hear that dialogue, so watch out for that.
  3. Any hints on where to find it? I kept an eye out my second time through, but never did see it.
  4. My likes and dislikes actually changed quite a bit during my first and second playthroughs of the game. Atton - Didn't like first time through, liked the second time through. Once I got over that he wasn't Carth and accepted his character, I liked him and started bringing him along a little bit more. I wasn't a big fan of his voice though, the character felt about 17 years old and I can't get over that he's supposed to be something like 30. Battle-wise, he wasn't all that great, but he made up for it with his wisecracks. Disciple - Liked both times through. He's a good kid. I really like his voice, plus he's friends with Carth. (He never says so directly, but he does talk to Carth if you play through male I've heard, and he talks about how there's admirals in the fleet helping him, and he sends secret transmissions to the Republic that Atton busts him for later.) Battle-wise, he was an awesome character with about 10 levels of soldier and 20ish of Jedi, lots of force powers and great basic fighting power. Mandalore - Maybe just because he's Canderous, but I thought it was fun to bring him along. I love seeing his perspective on things. Awesome to fight with, too, after making him a two-handed melee fighter. Kreia - liked the first time through, and personality wise liked the second time through. However, I almost never took her out of the ship because if she had anything important to say to you outside of the ship, she'd break into your thoughts and just say it, was easy to gain influence with just through conversations once you understood her. She was okay in battle if she stood back and buffed most of the time, especially with the force-power sharing, though. Mira - I went to Nar Shadda last my first time through so I got almost no chance to get to know her then. Second time through I liked her a lot more. Some nice dialogue, and after you can make her a Jedi she doesn't suck in battle quite as much, about on par with Atton, who's just so-so. Also liked just listening to her outlook on things. MEH: T3-M4 - I was actually glad the little guy got a lot more use in this game, but again, I never used him unless forced to. I liked getting to talk to him more, especially with the secret message he carried from Carth (with female LS Revan). I've never been a big fan of droids in battle anyway. HK-47 - I love to talk to HK, but never take him off the ship if not necessary, even in KotOR1. Great dialogue options, though. Bao-Dur - Hated him the frist time through. Liked him better the second time. He's great whenever you know you're going to need some repair done or items made. However, annoying because he can only wear heavy armor, thus negating the better force powers, or with no armor, not even ROBES, thus making his AC horrible. What are you supposed to do with this guy, combat-wise? He didn't talk much, which I didn't like, either. There's a bit just as he's becoming a Jedi, but never a lot. DIDN'T LIKE:: Visas - With a female PC, she talks to you for a few minutes when you find her, then never has another thing to say to you until the very end. Combat-wise she's awesome, reminded me a lot of Juhani, but she was like an elephant in the room as far as my party was concerned. We all knew she was there, we just never talked about her and tried to ignore it. G0-T0 - Annoying. Never have taken him off the ship but to just level him up then put him right back on. I'd trade him out for ANY KotOR1 character... or heck, even no other character. I wish there was a way to avoid getting him. Don't even like talking to him. Maybe it's because I can't get very far without getting DS points.
  5. I had high enough persuasion that I didn't have to beat the Champ, I got him to give me his prize without a single pazaak game.
  6. It seems to me that Bao-Dur had to live, because who else could have fixed the ship after it plummeted down that crater?
  7. Has anyone gotten any of the party members to have any additional dialogue choices after they become Jedi? I've gotten Atton, Disciple and Bao-Dur to become Jedi on my second play through. Disciple still has one branch that has an influence failure, but I'm wondering if Atton or Bao-Dur will ever have anything new to say if I get more influence with them, or should I just start focusing on other characters? I have really high influence with Atton and haven't found any new choices in quite awhile. I've gotten Kreia to the point where she baiscally says "I'll only tell you anything new after you've visited all four planets." I got her there after finishing Dantooine, which was the first place I went. I'm pretty much going to leave her in the ship from now on.
  8. Influence: Bao-Dur Place: Dantooine. After learning that Zerron might be trying to stir up trouble with the mercenaries, go outside and get Sadhe's quest to look for the Atmospheric sensors with Bao-Dur in the party. Head inside the Crystal caves. Right at the beginning is a broken Jar (rubble) that contains the sensors. Allow Bao-Dur to examine the sensors and tell him he did a good job after he finds the survaillance cameras inside. You get positive influence with Bao-Durfor this.
  9. Is there any minimum level for your party members to becoming Jedi, though? Like, if I wanted Atton to be Jedi, could I run and grab his quest right away after Telos, then just keep him on the ship gaining influence with him while I could, and have him become a Jedi as low as level 5 or 6?
  10. Yeah, there aren't nearly as many conversations and it's a lot harder to find those that there are. Something else I'd recommend, though tedious, might be just taking characters off the ship two by two and running through major areas of each planet with them to see if you can trigger any conversations/quests with them. It's what I'm planning to do now that I'm starting my second time through the game.
  11. Yeah, I totally agree with Barachiel. I loved the concept of Influence, but in some ways it was poorly implemented. For example, I went to Nar Shaddaa last. I'd built up a TON of good influence with Atton by then and was really frustrated that he never talked to me. Then, all of a sudden, I met the guys who trigger Atton's quest and then I had to have one REALLY REALLY long conversation with him, that "should have" been broken down into a few smaller conversations, but since I'd triggered the conversation so late it all came spilling out at once. It felt a lot more natural say, when I'd been really nice to Carth (except for all the teasing) then his quest was triggered once I'd gotten to a certin point in conversations with him and left the Ebon Hawk with him in the party. It was nice to have to sit there and really mull over some of my answers before picking what I was going to say sometimes. Even as a very lightside character sometimes I'd sacrifice saying the most "light side" answer because I knew that the person I was talking to wouldn't like it. It was fun to risk getting a few DS points here and there in order to try to get someone to talk to me more.
  12. Thanks for not minding. :D I just feel really strongly about this subject, you know? I wanted really badly to love this game as much as KotOR1, and I'm just disappointed that, although I really like it and there are some things that are even better than KotOR1, I don't LOVE it... mostly for the reasons I'm talking about here. I felt EXACTLY the same way you did when I was near the end of KotOR1. I really didn't want the game to end! I was really happy when we had "extensions" of the game on the Leviathian and then the unknown planet because they made the game longer. I was sorely disappointed when any of the characters finally ran out of dialogue. I'd find myself running back to the ship after levelling up, anxious to hear what new things they had to say to me. I did that here, too, but was in constant frustration that they almost never did, even after gaining influence with them. " The characters in KOTOR2 share less personal history, and less with each other and it does affect the emotional reasonance of the game." That's EXACTLY what I've been trying to say, all summed up into one neat little sentence, thank you!! I found myself not particularly wanting my PC to have a romance with either Disciple or Atton. I was prepared to do it, I knew that neither of these characters would be Carth, but neither of them really gave me a reason to WANT to. I didn't even like Atton as a "person" that much until he finally spilled his secret. My PC could have looked past that if he'd just actually come to her and talked to her about what he was feeling. Likewise, Disciple was like the shy kid that had a crush on the popular girl at school... admiring her from afar, but too afraid to talk to her. I read the same thing from the Developers that the romance options wouldn't be the same, but I didn't feel like I had "romance options", I felt like I was nice to the people in my party like a Lightside Jedi should be, they got crushes on me, faught about me behind my back, faintly hinted once or twice that they kind of liked me, and... that was the end of it. Like I said before... more like High School drama hour and not much like adult interaction. We didn't need a clone of Carth and Revan's relationship, but I didn't feel like there was any "romance" in this game... at least down the LS Female path I took. Exactly! Not only did we not get to know them well, but there was no REAL resolution. I was told "Oh, Atton loved you but he knew he had nothing to offer you, so he never spoke up." and "Disciple always loved you for the rest of his life from afar, but he never spoke up." We never got to know these characters well, and in the end, we just pretty much severed ties with them. I'd LOVE to have some of them as well as more of the KotOR1 cast reappear in KotOR3, they could say something like "Well what Kreia saw was one of many possible futures." and then we could actually dig in and get to know some of these people better. So much potential, I really liked all of their concepts, but so little depth! Much too subtle. It just felt unnatural and forced... or thrown in at the last moment. I can only speak for the female romances in this case, I'll probably play through as a male character at some point to see if it feels the same way. I agree, it probably was a time issue. A lot of things about the game seemed rushed... for instance going back to all of the times my female Revan and PC were referred to as males, plot threads that were picked up and then immediately dropped (Remote / G0-T0's thing at the end) and a lot of other things. I wish that companies, whoever made the decision to rush the game, which it sounds like was LucasArts, would realize that we'd all rather have a game that's well put together and satisfying... we'd rather wait an extra two or three months to get that game rather than something that ends up leaving us feeling sort of empty, dissatisfied, and full of questions that could have - and should have - been answered. At the end of KotOR1 I felt like I wanted MORE, but I also felt satisfied. My Jedi had saved the universe, defeated the bad guy (for now at least) and had fallen in love with someone she really cared about. I'd have liked to have seen Revan and Carth's first kiss, I wanted to know what happened to them, and all my party, afterwards. But I never felt HOLLOW about any of these things. If KotOR2 had never been made, and we never found out any of their fates, I was okay with that. That's what imagination, and fanfic, is for. At least we got to meet them and get to know them. And I think that's my biggest problem with this game. We met them, barely got to know them, and then at the end we're told what happens to them. I feel like "meh, okay." I don't care that much, and I really wanted to care. That's why I loved the Carth scene where he asked after Revan. I care about them, I almost feel like now I need to see KotOR3, to find out if they're reunited (and Revan/Bastilla for male Revan.) I already "know" that the Exile and Disciple and/or Atton never go anywhere, and I don't care. I want to care, but I don't.
  13. Right, and maybe this is because I never got Bao-Dur to Jedi, but he said something to Remote (via Hologram) about how the shadow device is his fault, and I had no idea what he was talking about then. I assume it was something he built during the Mandalorian wars, but up until this point I hadn't heard anything about it. G0-T0 was like "I don't want you to push the button to blow up the planet, so we're just going to sit here and hang out.", so I assumed that G0-T0 and Remote would have some kind of showdown, but that was the last we saw of it, the next thing we saw... the planet was blowing up.
  14. Nope. Party interaction pretty much only happens when you walk into the Ebon Hawk, in short cutscenes... so you need to aimlessly walk in and out of it a lot to see them all.
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