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  1. (Spoilers I suppose) She's creepy the whole game, I don't like her much, and she said she was dark in the cave... but that was an illusion, right? I had to protect her to gain light side points, so I assume I was supposed to. I'm confused... I would really like to tell her off though.
  2. I've already done that earlier with the handmaiden, however I didn't realize I could get in the chamber. Now I have the juice, just talked to both the aliens in the cantina and flophouse, and it's an open taks but the man to talk to about dancing for Vogga isn't there. Is there any other way to dance for him?
  3. I've got a double at this point, and a single is yet to appear (I have three). I've come close to completing Dantooine and Nar Shadda, but haven't been to any other planets. Obviously I chose a double for my first one, but does that determine all the other sabers I find? I'd like to get a couple singles as well. Which do you all prefer?
  4. It's my first time through the game, obviously, and I'm stuck. I've got that datapad and can't figure out what to do next. The diciple is in the Khoonda (SP?) and he doesn't help me. The Administrator chick wants proof that the militia leader is crooked, and I can't find that. I'm just walking around talking to people that don't help. Everyone hates Jedi... it's rather annoying. How do I find the Jedi, what do I do with the datapad, and how do I prove the militia guys is crooked?
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