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  1. The second post, yes... as far as I know I have everything in there that has been posted so far. There are a few changes I need to make based on my experience going through my second game, and using the guide, but I am still deciding how to address them.
  2. The Influence Guide is here: http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showtopic=26579 I also bumped it.
  3. You'd think that one would recognize that this most certainly does not belong here, and should have been posted in the spoilers section.
  4. A "to be continued" would have just turned my "WTF" into a "god damnit, what a crock of $#@%". I didn't buy the game to be forced to buy a third in order to gain closure.
  5. I went to Dantooine my first game and did not have all the pieces to make my Lightsaber until after I had defended the base. Just keep playing -- you'll find what you need. Other planets make it a little easier to get all the pieces more quickly.
  6. I can't remember which equation I used, but I know that only multiple or divide worked -- both don't. I've also heard you need to complete the other terminal puzzle first for it to work. I can't remember which I did first in my last game and am a long ways off in my current game.
  7. She explains exactly what she does to it in the game. She aligns it to you.
  8. There is a thread title "[pWIKI] Influence Guide" on this forum which talks about a few opportunities. It takes a little longer then just a single conversations. Or, if the single conversation is possible then there is a very specific series of responses that must be made. In my initial dialog with her (going through all of what DarthPanda talks about) I only gained Influence once.
  9. I think we've determined that 22 hours is not nearly enough time to have spent in the game to adequately critique the game. Kind of like the people who say the ending is fine, but haven't finished the game.
  10. If major plot points are held in optional dialog, that is a problem.
  11. BioWare had nothing to do with giving Obsidian KotOR2. LucasArts owns KotOR. BioWare developed the first, Obsidian the second. LucasArts will probably find a different third party developer for the third, who can do it even cheaper. Although little makes sense, a second play through does help to ease the pains of the plot holes. Only shortly into my 2nd game I've already been able to get further with several player dialogs, because I know how to minipulate them now. Amazingly, several plot holes have already started to fill in. Though I am not in the least bit happy that they th
  12. There is a thread I started titled "Filling in the plot holes at the end" in which some people address the GOTO/Remote issue. There were plans for a KotOR3, but it is currently on hold after a large firing at LucasArts.
  13. You don't have to be a Jedi Master to train people. You don't even need to be a prestige class. Just talking to people isn't enough. You need to gain the right amount of Influence with the character (done through dialog and actions) before the option will become possible.
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