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  1. When you find Revan's corpse you absorb his Force powers and get Force Crush. I'm kidding, you never find Revan in KOTOR 2.
  2. I like Bastila, Kreia, HK-47, Canderous, and Jolee. They're the ones I found the most fun and interesting.
  3. As was said, Revan went to fight the "True Sith". If they are the actual specie Sith is beyond anyone's knowledge, but if you ask me I think it's remnants of some other empire.
  4. The war axes do not miss for me, I used them instead of vibroswords/blades for a while, dual wielded that is. They worked fine.
  5. RA-Jeff is not immature. Maybe he isn't used to posting in forums, he does not need to hand out apologies for being new. Also, do expect a 3rd KOTOR, though the wait will be long. If LucasArts are gonna develop the game, I'm not even buying the game, LucasArts are worse then EA Games.
  6. Too bad to hear that the books aren't so good, I normally hate reading books, but if it's this (Star Wars) or Harry Potter it interests me, but we'll see what I think. I'd like to see some EU books on KOTOR, similar to the fanfics about KOTOR found on the Internet.
  7. My advice is to not hype yourself up too much about it. Just be excited to play it, don't be excited for an illusion that you have already formed for yourself.
  8. Even so, I appreciate the recommendation.
  9. I see, thanks to those that actually showed me what books are good.
  10. From my eyes, Revan recovered his full memories after KOTOR 1 (a month or two after) and then he remembered Malachor, and what threat could come out of that, I suppose. He went there again (before KOTOR 2, but after KOTOR 1) and then went somewhere else after that. This is what I have gathered from beating the game three times, it's not speculation.
  11. I'm looking to buy Star Wars books, and I want to know which ones would be the best choices to purchase. I'm low on cash, so I can only buy a book or two. I'm interested in the thing with Luke facing Exar Kun's spirit, I must say.
  12. I take it you need an upgrade. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> No, I was being sarcastic regarding the fact that this is in fact information from the official site when it was claimed that it was from some other site, but without using these sarcastic-looking smilies no one could see the sarcasm. I can the first one just perfectly on my PC so the second one will run the same, but I've already got it on Xbox so I probably will not get it for PC as well (what's the point of that?)
  13. I used to play Star Wars Galaxies, but I was always an explorer and I wanted to do whatever I wanted to. Yet in the end I ended up grinding tons of professions and all that junk. Don't get SWG, it sucks more than Paris Hilton ever has. I also became a Jedi but that sucked even worse, I stopped trying after a few weeks. Whoever succeeds with this game has no life at all.
  14. If you can run KOTOR 1, you can run KOTOR 2. Simple as that, they're the same damn thing.
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