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  1. Alexander. Anybody who says otherwise is either Insane Unaware of the existence of Alexander the Great A Fanboy
  2. Revan was the long haired guy, but I always wear Revan's robes, so its irrelevant. The Exile was Buddy Jesus. That was the only face I could take seriously.
  3. I think you are dead on. Why else did Revan tell Canderous to reunite the clans as LS, and goad Canderous into doing if DS? Why did he/she tell Carth to keep the Republic strong? Because he knew a war was coming, and that the Mandalorians and Republic would need each other to defeat them. Perhaps since Malak ruined Revan's original plans, the Exile has had to step into the gaps, and continue the job Revan started, with the bonds you mentioned....
  4. The way I do it is I take the droids or hanharr out with me, until i get enough experience or influence to turn the others into Jedi, that is unless I need to take them with me to get some influence.
  5. I take Mandalore, HK, and Handmaiden almost all the time. Occassionally I'll bring along Visas or Hanharr. HK is just too funny to leave behind, and Mandalore, if you give him two Gamorrean Cleavers is unstoppable. I beat Dxun Pt. 2 virtually single handedly with him. I also bring the handmaiden, because she's tough, and she looks down right sexy when you begin to corrupt her. All that dark lipstick.
  6. It becomes easy. At first I felt bad killing poor helpless families or selling them into slavery. But it was all justified later when I wanted to buy a medpac or something. Their suffering allowed me to save the galaxy! And that's only so the weak can justify cruelty. I do it because it's easy, makes me money, and is far more entertaining.
  7. Something to the tune of "Master, I must say I enjoy being in your service. Just when I think that your cruelty can go no further, you come up with some new atrocity and you leave me pondering its ramifications for days. You are like a random cruelty generator. I like you." "[influence: Failure] Curiously enough master, I seem to have developed a memory gap surrounding that very question, but rest assured you are a fine master, and I would not want to make you feel in adequate simply because my former master might have been very important...."
  8. I go 14 Str 12 Dex 12 Con 14 Int 12 Wis 14 Cha Then I pump all my future points into wisdom and charisma with 2 going to both Str and Con. My items are then geared to make me stronger more charismatic and more wisdom. By the end I had a defense of 38, in robes, wielding two sabers both dealing in the range of 86-88. I was beastly.
  9. It's so true about the Dark Side. I used to think that the LS was the way to go, but after playing DS, I can't help myself. Its so much fun to be needlessly cruel. If I want something, I take it from their corpse, or take it from them, and then kill them. It's so much easier and fulfilling. Yeah, it once felt good to help that poor sod who didn't have money, but it is so much more entertaining and spiritually enjoyable to tell him that you are going to slaughter him, and watch him attempt some pitiful attack upon you. It is very enjoyable indeed. As for influence, i find its wor
  10. The problem was the Jedi had no out. I think the true Sith planned it like this. Action: The Mandalorians attack. They are tougher than the Republic, and will win without Jedi aid. Reaction 1: Jedi decide to do nothing. Republic is destroyed, Jedi are in impossible position. Without the Republic, they will be defeated, if not by the Mandalorians, than by the true Sith. Reaction 2: Jedi go to help. Jedi destroy Mandalorians, but might well be forced to make a choice like those that followed Revan, and decide between the Dark Side, death, or cutting oneself off from the Forc
  11. I did 281 against the Greater Storm Beast. He died. It was dual wielding, viridian saber doing 4-86 and a silver saber doing 4-88 + Master Fury. And why would anybody be anything else other than a Sith Marauder? If you give yourself wisdom and charisma instead of continually jacking up your strength (use items for that), nothing can beat you. I destroyed the Trayus Academy never getting below 3/4 health.
  12. I like Revan more, but Kreia explicitly said "You are greater than any I have ever trained." Unless Revan has become very powerful during his journey, I think the Exile has him.....
  13. You can do it, you just have to do every other good thing in the world. I killed them all my first time through, and still saved the galaxy.....
  14. You meant the previous Mandalore right? Because Canderous is the current Mandalore.....
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