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  1. Would that be the effect of gaining either LS or DS points? Or something else? Do you have a better description?
  2. Nice idea, but definitely too much like work for me. Especially given that you'd have to very regularly police the area to make sure no one is trying to break it or post some inappropriate material. My experience with a simple little 'Write about your favourite game" page on my site suggests that someone *will* try to break it when they find it. So either you have to have good software or you have to check it often. Favourite games of users url posted in case anyone wants a peek. Don't remember any Obsidian or Bioware game being suggested.
  3. So, in addition to a normal review, would people like a page of screenshots? I can do some quite reasonable ones if so people would enjoy it.
  4. No, I;m not trying to suggest that the Republic should have no way to keep lawbreakers under control. But I would hope that they have proper cells for those they need to keep for a few days/months/years. I mean, no bed, no toilet is a bit excessive for an indefinite stay. How long would investigating Peragus have taken do you think? That avatar is so cute Kitty with a lightsaber.
  5. Everybody?? I never did. I'm sure there are others. I like the pick Revan gender/alignment option. Much more flexible.
  6. Just in case you thought the Republic was good, think about the force cells you and your crew end in several times. Barely room to sit, no furniture, no water. You have no idea how long you might be kept there but anything more then a couple of hours would surely qualify as cruelty.
  7. I've decided why my DS character supports the Republic. Everyone else lies, cheats, backstabs. Republic citizens are loyal, trustworthy. Now who is going to be easy to dominate in the long run? Long live the Republic...till I can take over.
  8. In Atris's academy, Kreia has a conversation with an invisible Atton. There she is in her little force cell, and talking (and being answered by) an empty cell next to hers. This has happened both times through that area for me.
  9. Atton or Carth - tough choice. I finally went Atton. Why? Well, I liked his personality better from the moment he said "They stopped feeding me, that's criminal" Carth takes so much work to really get to open up in kotor 1. Though my heart did go pitter pat when Carth does the big "I wanted to follow" Revan speech for a LS female Revan. Tough tough tough choice there.
  10. On Taris, I managed to avoid siding with Czreka corp and still get heaps and heaps of DS points. I may continue doing the LS versions of planets but being DS by cruelty and demanding money. Lots and lots of lovely money! I have found I do have take a few ls points from time to time to gain influence. But so far, DS is fun.
  11. You can kill them even as LS? An excellent idea, one I never ever would have tried. Then again, Kreia and others have told me that I am the Last Jedi...which must mean these guys really aren't.
  12. I was really quite peeved with the reformed Jedi council on Datooine. There I was, a LS character, quite glow in the dark. Two of the three Jedi had been helped by my interventions (Vroom does seem to be an exception here.) And what do they want to do??? It was one time when even a LS character wants to convert to the dark, if having your powers stripped away is the result of being useful.
  13. I agree with a previous poster that the scene with the NPCs defending the ship in your absence Atton: Which one do you want? Bao-dur: The stupid one who talked ... Wish I could remember the exact words. I gotta find the pieces for HK-47 early in the game this time. I didn't get much chance at all to hear him in my first pass.
  14. I think you want to amble over to the Spoiler forum and read some about cut content.
  15. Having finished (unfinished though that feels) the game once as LS, I've started a new game with DS intents. It's interesting to try to either gain more influence with your companions or gain DS points in each encounter. Reload == doing something that loses influence and gains LS points. Pretty funny, Atton just told me that I'm starting to look like Kreia's son due to my choices. The funny thing is that he is looking just as bad, because he is so under my influence. :ph34r: I have also discovered it's going to the Dark Side that makes men puff themselves up and take up bodybuilder stances. I can hardly wait to see what warping a female to dark side does to how she stands in the Character screen.
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