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  1. I posted this a few days ago in the fan art section. I used the SGE to make it look like DS Kriea and F Exile were fighting on the frozen wastelands of Telos. It works well as a desktop. Well, here it is without my sig on it.. I doubt anyone wants to see "Linzee" on the bottem corner or thier desktop every day. Its not the best thing in the world, but it was the closest thing I could do to making it look like a real battle
  2. I know it not exanctly fan art since its not drawn by my hand in some way... but I did use SGE to make a scene between The Exile and Kriea andi know that I like it ^_^ Photography is an art form after all... :D It makes a good desktop
  3. Me and my brother found one and a comic book store but not in the same pose.... those are not cheap
  4. everyones pics are great,except mine of course i suck at drawing . <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Mines not great so your not the only one
  5. Xbox is pretty well screwed. They arent doing anything for it but my game had no problems at all, but I also dont have much information stored on it. It just depends how your Xbox reacts. I see alot of people complaining but I know I had no problems at all untill I had 15 save game slots, and even then all I had to do was delete. You should go and rent the game and see how it reacts.
  6. Ace, I have one word to desribe that : Wow What did you use to make it?
  7. I didnt know that, new fact for the day Now I only hope I dont get interrogated by the millitary Strip search makes sense though, just to make sure your not hidding anything like a wepon. But they didnt do a good job with the guy in the prison cell..
  8. meta... you seem to have a habit of informing people of the errors of there ways when you find it to be stupid or wrong. Everyone likes different things, and if that
  9. YAY!!... Magic lockers could be fun. They should sell easy to bullies. Fits as many nerds as you could ever want!
  10. ^_^ maybe someone who is more obsessed with the game can help you out better than me. But a good question is how the hell did all your stuff fit into that locker after your teammate saves you Bastila and Carth
  11. Umm.... I think you have been watching to many movies. That just sounds confusing and complex.
  12. Maybe it has somthing to do with the fact the other people are wearing just clothes... but people in your party are wearing armor/robes causing some resistance to the pain... IDK, never really thought about it
  13. Soooo, baley..... What ever happend to all your artwork?
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