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  1. Well, I agree with Darque about listening to the commentary. Kinda ruins the movie. I'd rather not hear Lucas or anyone dissecting the movie while I'm trying to enjoy it. I'm pretty sure that if you're not brain-dead, you can figure out that a lot of it is computer animated. And I don't care about Lucas's justification about Anakin turning so quickly because he knocked Mace Windu out a window... it was the worst part of the movie, that's all I need to know. If he wants to make some commentary, have a separate interview on disc 2. But, hey, at least you don't have to deal with the commentary unless you turn it on... that's a plus.
  2. Trust me, you're not missing anything. The Disciple (Mical) is kinda bland. He's the poor Jedi wanna-be that gets lucky to be taught the ways of the Force by the Exile. I just don't like him... plus he looks like he has dentures that were made for a donkey. But enough of the Bao-Dur hatin'... if you know how to use him/level him up/etc., then he's a powerhouse with a lightsaber and a virtual "jack-of-all-trades" when it comes to skills. Can't get any better than that. Just give him a good suit of armor and either add a high level (III would be best) ballistics overlay (which gives you 20% vs. slashing/bludgeoning/piercing) or one of the bonded overlays that increases his defense bonus... then give him a regenerative underlay V that'll give him regenerate 3, constitution +3. I never have problems with him dying. As a matter of fact, I can't remember the last time any of my party members died, and I'm on my 7th time thru the game.
  3. lame copy of ANH's Death Star Torture Droid (the one Vader used to interrogate Leia). Goto is a clear evidence of Avellone's lame imagination and a contradiction to the EU continuity (what a death star droid is doing 4000 years earlier I really don't know) IT-O Interrogation Droid as seen in A New Hope and GOTO - Avellone's plagiated crap <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Right on Nur Ab Sal... I couldn't stand G0-T0 because of the fact that they ripped off a droid (and a butt-ugly one at that... I'm sure in KOTOR III, Obsidian is going to have a GONK droid as a companion... ) that exists 3995+ years into the future. Another example of the laziness and unimaginative junk that Obsidian allowed into KOTOR II. G0-T0 is worthless, and I just let him rust on the Ebon Hawk... I don't even bother levelling him up, because I've never used him, and I never will. I don't even talk to him after he reveals himself on the Ebon Hawk. Worthless. As far as Lieutenant Dol Grenn, he's a blatent "clone" of Davik Kang from KOTOR I. Same "face", same voice actor as a matter of fact. He doesn't look at all like Vrook. He's just a key character on Telos, just like Dhagon Ghent on Onderon. Nothing special. By the way, I voted for Bao-Dur. He's definitely the coolest character by far. Some of the others just seem like they're based on KOTOR I companions... Atton is the "Carth"-like character, Kreia is "neutral" like Jolee (although personality-wise, they're nothing alike), Mira and Juhani both lost their parents, and 3 characters are actually from KOTOR I (T3-M4, HK-47, and Canderous/Mandalore). So, Bao-Dur seems like a fresh, new character with a background that coincides with the Exlie's, plus he's like a kick-ass Jedi droid: he can be trained as a Jedi and use lightsabers, and he usually (for me anyway) has high computer, security, & repair skills. Its too bad he can't wear robes, but then again, I don't need him as a "Force-user"... since he becomes a Jedi Guardian, he's much better with a lightsaber. (Just make sure to increase his strength attributes.)
  4. The thing I liked most about Onderon was when I got to leave. That was the most boring and bland planet they've made so far... Iziz... gimmie a break. Another one of Obsidian's infamous lack-of-creativity moments: let's name a city after a Jawa on Tatooine from KOTOR I. Going there is about as much torture as being on Peragus at the beginning of the game. Its not that its difficult... its just cause its so boring and you have to save that ungrateful Dhagon Ghent, who I wish after he hooked me up inside the palace I could cut his head off with my lightsaber. And you're running back and forth all over the place just to solve the murder... ugg. At least a group of idiotic town folk try to attack you, so you get to decrease Iziz's population a little bit, which is good. I preferred Dxun... hell, all the planets over Onderon. Even Malachor V with its horrible level design is better. In KOTOR III, let's not return to Onderon, ok?
  5. Yeah, always follow the words of Battlewookiee... strong with the Force is he. :D One of Obsidian's less impressive qualities is their abundant lack of creativity. I mean, I can come up with a Star Wars-ish name for the exile... and they can't come up with individual names for the Twin Sun Sisters?! Plus, on top of that you have the whole "Handmaiden"/"Disciple" crap... and you do find out that they actually have names, so why the hell aren't we using them during the game?! I mean, did they call Luke Skywalker "The Dirty Little Boy from Tatooine who is Strong in the Force, but Doesn't Know It Until He Encounters an Old Man Wearing Plain Robes"?? Nope... although if Obsidian had filmed the movie, then perhaps they would have. I hope its not too much to ask if they could give ALL characters involved in the plot of KOTOR III a name. If they need help in that respect, I'll be happy to provide my Star Wars-ish Naming Services.
  6. I'll tell you why the sudden change in Jedi Robes... because Obsidian lacked creativity during the development of KOTOR II. Although I'm more used to the robes from KOTOR II because of the Star Wars movies, KOTOR is supposed to be set in a totally different time. So, it was interesting to see the Jedi "robes" in KOTOR I. But if Obsidian could rip something from the movies, that's what they did. Many examples are seen throughout the game: G0-T0, various quotes, Jedi robes... they just couldn't resist. Don't get me wrong, I totally enjoy KOTOR II, but I think there's too much reference to the movies in it.
  7. Battlewookie is right on. You can kill all the Jedi Masters and still become a Jedi prestige class if your LS "alignment" is high enough.
  8. mus_s_kreiadark is also played when the Ebon Hawk approaches/lands on Korriban. I don't know about the rest.
  9. The miner's uniform is horrid though. I'd much rather give Bao-Dur something with a higher defense bonus than have him using Force powers. Besides, he's a Jedi Guardian... just increase his strength attribute and enhance his lightsaber with the best possible upgrades, and you won't need Force powers.
  10. Actually, it does work... but then again, I never said I wanted to play as Revan again, did I? Nope... I said I figured the same type of character who is actually Jedi would be exploited again, which it was with the exile. But they kept Revan into the story... heavily into the story, as a matter of fact. I'm just saying that appearences by ALL of the companions from KOTOR I should have been included. That's all... And kirottu... I meant exactly what I said. It was literal and not subject to assumptions by you. I mean, they need to make it right: complete characters' storylines, fix all gameplay bugs, and tie everything in so its not just 3 mostly unrelated Star Wars games that just happen to mention characters from the previous ones.
  11. Umm... TSL is first and foremost the sequel to KOTOR I... otherwise, they should have made a totally new game, instead of "upgrading" (to a point) BIOWARE's format and should have placed it in a different timeframe than 5 years after the events in KOTOR I. But, they didn't, and its not far-fetched to think that characters from the 1st game should appear in some capacity in the 2nd. A sequel means "a literary, dramatic, or cinematic work whose narrative continues that of a preexisting work", so it doesn't mean its an expansion pack. So, it being a game is just the medium that KOTOR was presented on... but to call it KOTOR II means it is a sequel to KOTOR I.
  12. Hence the "cameo" appearance... you don't really take up too much time on the companions from KOTOR I, but you know what became of them. And there are ways to slide them into the game without making it awkward, like those "scenarios" you came up with. Anyway, the game is already made, so there's no use in continuing the "what ifs" or things that should have been. Just got to hope they get it right in KOTOR III.
  13. Well, this isn't Red Alert 2... this is KOTOR II. And the Star Wars "universe" is based on consistancy. Doesn't matter if its a game, book, comic, movie... whatever. It started from the movies, then the "expanded universe" arose, and the main thing writers had to be aware of was the consistancies to the existing material while trying to create new "adventures". Might include new characters, etc... but it all ties in somehow. That's the point I was trying to make. I wasn't saying the main character for KOTOR II was bad... some exile from who knows where... I kinda expected it to be similar to KOTOR I with some character who has a blurry past, and is just kinda thrown into the game. I'm just saying you should have found out during the course of the game that Revan and the Exile tied in somehow... other than the loose association that Kreia was Jedi Master to both of them. And having all new companions is fine... but one of the biggest questions players had not too long after the game came out was "What happened to Mission?"... or Zaalbar, or Jolee Bindo, or Juhani. Because their stories matter. They didn't have to be in your party, but it would have been great to run into them somewhere in the game. Yeah, KOTOR II stands alone without having to play KOTOR I... but that's really kinda pointless, and doesn't equal to a sequel. (I can rhyme... woo... " ) That's why I'm hoping KOTOR III ties everything together... and the main character doesn't have to be Revan or the Exile... but you should encounter both of them in the game. So, anyway... that's my thoughts on the subject.
  14. First off, when she tells you she went in search of him, you wouldn't have found her anyways, because Revan went beyond the "Outer Rim" into uncharted space to fight the "true" Sith, or something like that. Besides, that would have been just plain stupid... cause if that were the case, the only logical place you could have met with her would be on Malachor V. But you only get that Bastila holocron if you chose Revan as a Dark Side character. I know Obsidian wanted to break apart from KOTOR I with a new storyline and all, but that's not really a sequel... that's a game with poorly placed characters from the "first" game to try to validate it as a sequel. The one element in the Star Wars universe that is the "constant" are the droids. So, it wan't a big surprise that you'd have T3-M4 & HK-47 in your party. But when George Lucas made the Empire Strikes Back, he didn't write in Luke Skywalker with a small cameo part and have some unknown guy with C-3PO & R2-D2. So, I think you should have gotten more background on the KOTOR I characters in KOTOR II and I think the exile should have tied in with Revan somehow. But, it doesn't really matter anymore, does it? The game has been out for 8 months (for us X-BOXers), and you really can't change it, so we just have to hope they can tie it all together in KOTOR III, and LA needs to give them plenty of time to do that.
  15. As I stated in your "Help with Mira" topic, there's an influence guide on Gamespot's KOTOR II Cheats page that'll tell you exactly how to get enough influence to train Atton, Bao-Dur, Mira, Handmaiden, and the Disciple as Jedi. Here's the link... again... Gamespot's KOTOR II Cheats Page Scroll down to the Star Wars KOTOR II FAQs & Walk-Throughs section (basically at the bottom of the page) and click on the "Influence Guide by DSimpson".
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