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  1. I as well have not found him innocent. Need help i do and greatly appreciated it would be.
  2. Your not alone. I suffer through this disease every second of my life. Its called SCFRC; short for Splinter Cell Fiction Reality Confusion. and yes that is the best i could come up with.
  3. When its the only game youve played for 5 months. Which I have.
  4. I personally joined for my love of starwars.
  5. You thought that was hard?!?! You only need about 3 influence gains w/ him. On the first planet u travel to u should get him to a jedi.
  6. Battlewookie is right. There is a battle meditation on bastila's feat/power and it says the exact same thing just looks different.
  7. this is where u can state free choices and opinions w/o being hassled by others but friendly debate is welcomed. if your wondering i think OE mest up based on the fact LA hasnt failed us yet but its a possibility that this is the first.
  8. sorry i got off topic. what abou them?
  9. Im surprised i read all that. Great Job. u did what i didnt have the guts to do.
  10. i tried that. it doesn't work. after u talk to the hutt grenn wont say anything.
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