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  1. Don't listen to Mac. He's a frustrated individual, being banned from Lucasforums for not following the rules, and if I recall, for not being afraid to make his hands dirty himself. I will say this: Lucasforums does have (an) elitist group(s) of people that may make you feel unwelcome, but that's only a veil. Moderators will treat you fair if you follow the rules, and while some of the sections' reputation (Kavar's has seen better days, I think) is questionable, overall, it's a fun and active community. Mainly the Jedi Knight and Knights of the Old Republic sections are worth looking into.
  2. Very interesting. It's great to see his dislike of game conventions translated into gameplay elements.
  3. I'm not sure what Dashus intends at this point, but in the past, it was intended that after the first public release, someone else would take over and support a patch. Public release is two builds away, so we'll see what happens after that.
  4. You can't always get what you want, but this time, we are. Awesome news.
  5. Yeah, the 178 is a pretty reliable driver. I'm glad you got past the cutscene.
  6. I've read elsewhere that the 182.50 driver version doesn't do all that well. Try rolling back to an earlier driver version. You can find earlier versions here.
  7. From LouTenant at the TeamGizka forums: set texture detail to medium and Anisotropic Filtering\Anti-Aliasing to zero, and the crashes should go away. Seriously, I've had this problem times and again (see higher), but this should fix the crashes. It works here, at least.
  8. Just so we're clear Dash meant it to be poking fun at themselves, not the public (though some might feel it was directed at them). Plans have been updated as well: There are two (2) builds remaining until public release. 1.0b11 will be released in the coming days to the beta testers and is considered Release Candidate 1. 1.0b12 will be then be released as RC2. 1.0c1 will be released publicly when all Block, Crash and Major bugs have been resolved from 1.0b12.
  9. No, I don't think the team members would ignore Mantis if a bug was fixed or changed status. It's used for a purpose. It is understandable that people doubt the mod's future when there's a long time with absence of progress. I'd be lying if I told you that the mod is progressing swiftly at this moment. Dashus has had some real life issues (and not so much issues) in these last few months, and progress (in the sense of bugs being fixed, not reported) is at a standstill right now. You just have to look at the Mantis to come to that conclusion. I can say, however, that the mod's future is not
  10. The Closed Beta Testers have their own sub-section in the Gizka Forums, in which they can post their impressions. You can view them here. In my case, I think I've done a reasonable job of handling most of what is new in TSLRP. That's for you guys to judge, of course.
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