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  1. I as well have not found him innocent. Need help i do and greatly appreciated it would be.
  2. Your not alone. I suffer through this disease every second of my life. Its called SCFRC; short for Splinter Cell Fiction Reality Confusion. and yes that is the best i could come up with.
  3. When its the only game youve played for 5 months. Which I have.
  4. I personally joined for my love of starwars.
  5. You thought that was hard?!?! You only need about 3 influence gains w/ him. On the first planet u travel to u should get him to a jedi.
  6. Battlewookie is right. There is a battle meditation on bastila's feat/power and it says the exact same thing just looks different.
  7. this is where u can state free choices and opinions w/o being hassled by others but friendly debate is welcomed. if your wondering i think OE mest up based on the fact LA hasnt failed us yet but its a possibility that this is the first.
  8. sorry i got off topic. what abou them?
  9. Im surprised i read all that. Great Job. u did what i didnt have the guts to do.
  10. i tried that. it doesn't work. after u talk to the hutt grenn wont say anything.
  11. I agree with u and my favorite, as many others, is master kavar.
  12. Im going to guess it is mace windu. and during what time line is this?
  13. i was never able to get low enough influence to turn them into jedi.
  14. If any of u have played Halo2 then u should know that it "left u hanging." What im wondering is why did it work for that game. I didnt like the ending but everyone i asked loved it.
  15. There is a patch to be able to complete it i think. (Get it off your journal entries.)
  16. Why would u wanna get a patch for it? This Glitch does nothing but good.
  17. Why? They don't die when they get in the way of swords and lightsabers when you're fighting an enemy. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Good point.
  18. ...and Jolee, and Juhani, and Dustil, and Mekel, and Yuuthura(yes, she could have lived and been converted)... Also, the Rakata were on the verge of introducing themselves to the Force once more. And keep in mind, the Miraluka Tragedy killed the last (official) Jedi Council...not the Jedi Order itself. Only few and select Jedi Masters went. There were plenty of other Masters who - not part of the Jedi High Council - stayed behind. That's not including all the Jedi Knights, Padawans, and Apprentices who were still teaching, learning, and training. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Just
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