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  1. ok, new problem, i am on malachor v, and i am the floating target droid, i can only find to ships to power up, then i get to the big iron gate andit is locked, how do i get in, i have ran all over the upper levels and lower, and there isnothing left to do, no key that i can find? aaaaahhh i am so close tp beating the game, i am again in need of your infinate wisdom.
  2. Yes, you can - and I have, plenty of times. <_< But yes, that was with the XBOX version. I never tried it with the PC version because I have always entered the code when playing it. If you can't do it on the PC version, then I wonder why they changed it? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> THank you all so much!!, you have allowed my gaming experience to go marching forward!!
  3. i am really bad at puzzles, i am in the warehouse with my small r2 droid. and i cant get throught the door because it has a puzzle were you have 3 twist that you have to do in order to make the codes match, i ahve sat there and worked at it for a long time, i am getting pretty upset, and i cant find a walkthrough to tell me the sequence, so if anybody knows it i would be eternally grateful.
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