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  1. This happened to me but I just loaded a previous save and did some sidequests and Byzantium that raised my rep. It only took like one or two quests. I think one involved marking rats in the sewer? It was really easy. After I raised my rep a little bit, I then proceeded with the main quests that dropped my rep but not low enough to be kill on sight. So, I think your solution is to load a previous save and be careful what you choose going forward.
  2. Companion abilities are a thing? I went through the whole game one-shotting everything on my 1h melee build, so I honestly didn't know they had abilities.
  3. Are you talking about the giant robot? I don't know its name. But you have to defeat it before going in to confront Rockwell. I was a straight 1h melee build so I merced that robot really, really fast. Thanks to using time dilation. I just started a new playthrough with a handgun build and I'm finding the game a bit more challenging. I'm starting to think melee is OP. So, your difficulties might depend on your build.
  4. I haven't posted on this forum since probably 2004ish, around the time KOTOR 2 came out. But I had to reach out to say thank you so much for an amazing game. TOW was an old-fashioned RPG experience and it made me miss the days when this was how games were. No microtransactions, no paper-thin plot with generic and stock characters. This was story telling with great world building and three dimensional characters to live in that world. I'm actually going to playthrough it again! I haven't said that about a game in years. These days, most video games are one and done. But The Outer W
  5. BioWare developers are ****. True story.
  6. I uninstalled the game. Thanks for all the advice, I certainly used it. I turned Power Attack off, bought some healing pots and put the druid in my party. None of it worked I even tried the trick of running back down to the first floor. It worked one time, but on the second time it said I had to gather my party before venturing forth. Uh...my party was dead. So it came down to me and one rogue in the doorway who was near death. He dodged six consecutive times and killed me. The game got a prompt uninstall after that. Look, video games are supposed to be fun. They may be
  7. Here's an example of what I'm talking about. It only shows two misses, but there was upwards of about six or seven misses in a row. And the damage these rogues are doing to my party while dodging every single attack is just beyond lame.
  8. I know I'm like three years late, but I just picked up a copy of NWN2 to play. I don't have any of the expansions yet. Just the OC. And I'm seriously ready to quit the game and take it back. I rolled an Aasimar Paladin and find the class and the game in general extremely frustrating. I'm only about halfway through the game. I'm in Neverwinter and trying to find this NPC named Fihelis to take back to the City Watch. So I'm making my way through his estate, and around almost every corner are stealthed rogues ready to gank. They are all dual wielding and (seriously) dodge EVERY SING
  9. It's a picture, of a game. Good job! Could use some more anti-aliasing, though... Thanks. But anti what?
  10. Not sure if this is the right thread to post this (I think there was a screenshot thread somewhere?) but I'm playing both AoC and WAR right now. Not seriously, but messing around in both games. As well as LOTRO and a bit of WoW. But AoC has really captured my attention because of how gorgeous it is. The gameplay itself leaves a little to be desired, but graphics are just stunning.
  11. Well, I'm still shopping around a bit, but close to buying it. With Alienware, I'm mostly paying for the name, so I'm aware of that. I actually found another model that will cost about $1600. [1] Aurora
  12. They are charging me quite a bit for this, but I just wanted some opinions on the below specs. Will this be sufficient for PC gaming? 1] Area-51
  13. I've actually considered giving WoW another shot because of this, and how I keep hearig that casual gamers are having a blast playing it. Well, that and Jeff Kaplan, the lead designer, is gone now. I really didn't like the direction he took the game in. With a new guy or gal in his spot, maybe WoW will return to its roots of being a PvE game first, with PvP mini-games acting as both a different aspect for players to explore and experience and as an alternative form of end-game. Get away from this e-sport crap.
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