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  1. BioWare developers are ****. True story.
  2. I uninstalled the game. Thanks for all the advice, I certainly used it. I turned Power Attack off, bought some healing pots and put the druid in my party. None of it worked I even tried the trick of running back down to the first floor. It worked one time, but on the second time it said I had to gather my party before venturing forth. Uh...my party was dead. So it came down to me and one rogue in the doorway who was near death. He dodged six consecutive times and killed me. The game got a prompt uninstall after that. Look, video games are supposed to be fun. They may be annoying at times, but they are not supposed to be so frustrating that it actually makes you angry. And if you're not having fun, don't play it. I was an ardent defender of Obsidian after the whole KOTOR2 debacle. If the search function on this forum goes back far enough, you can see my posts. I pointed the finger directly at LA for forcing them to rush out an unfinished product. I had heard some pretty harsh reviews from gamers about NWN2. I'll admit I wasn't too eager to play it, which is why I waited for so long before finally giving it a shot. But I see now why this game is so scorned and ridiculed. It is, very simply, full of fail. Of epic porportions. I don't care how smooth the game runs and how much better it playes if you have the expansions, if you can't play the game smoothly or if the gameplay is sucky on its initial release, then the expansions aren't worth buying. Say what you want about the original NWN, but just about everyone that played it could get through it. I don't recall a single level in that game that made me hate BioWare the way that NWN2 has made me hate Obsidian now. It's to the point where I doubt I'll even buy Alpha Protocol. Despite their storied past at developing PS:T and all that, these guys can't design a game to save their lives today. I see now KOTOR2's failure was Obsidian's. It is clear after playing NWN2. And no way in Hades I'm going to subject myself to more frustration in that game, where the mobs will be unkillable, the game will be buggy, and your skills don't work properly. I mean, what is this? Bethesda? So, anyway, thanks for the feedback and advice. But about the only good thing that I'll get out of NWN2 is the store credit for taking it back. PS. Here's a final screenshot for posterity. Looked like it was going pretty well, right? Notice all the misses. Literally about five seconds later, we were all dead.
  3. Here's an example of what I'm talking about. It only shows two misses, but there was upwards of about six or seven misses in a row. And the damage these rogues are doing to my party while dodging every single attack is just beyond lame.
  4. I know I'm like three years late, but I just picked up a copy of NWN2 to play. I don't have any of the expansions yet. Just the OC. And I'm seriously ready to quit the game and take it back. I rolled an Aasimar Paladin and find the class and the game in general extremely frustrating. I'm only about halfway through the game. I'm in Neverwinter and trying to find this NPC named Fihelis to take back to the City Watch. So I'm making my way through his estate, and around almost every corner are stealthed rogues ready to gank. They are all dual wielding and (seriously) dodge EVERY SINGLE MELEE SWING. Every. Single. One. Dead serious. At the same time, the do SERIOUS damage to you and your party. It's so demoralizing. Seriously, what the hell? Paladin must be the absolute weakest class in this game. It...can't...hit...for...anything. What the hell am I missing? When I rolled the character, I chose recommend for my stats because I wasn't sure which stats a paladin should favor. So, in other words, I didn't monkey around with my stats or anything. I did what the game told me to do, and it just straight up stinks. I should've gone with my instinct and rolled a cleric. That's the class I played in SoU and HotU and it was freaking amazing at epic levels. But on one of my playthroughs of the original NWN, I played a paladin and I don't nearly remember it sucking this bad. If it did, I wouldn't have played through the game as one. The only reason I made it this far in NWN2 is because of Khelgar and Qara. They do awesome melee and caster damage respectively. If not for them, I'd have quit a long time ago. Seriously, should I just reroll or is the game this lame?
  5. It's a picture, of a game. Good job! Could use some more anti-aliasing, though... Thanks. But anti what?
  6. Not sure if this is the right thread to post this (I think there was a screenshot thread somewhere?) but I'm playing both AoC and WAR right now. Not seriously, but messing around in both games. As well as LOTRO and a bit of WoW. But AoC has really captured my attention because of how gorgeous it is. The gameplay itself leaves a little to be desired, but graphics are just stunning.
  7. Well, I'm still shopping around a bit, but close to buying it. With Alienware, I'm mostly paying for the name, so I'm aware of that. I actually found another model that will cost about $1600. [1] Aurora
  8. They are charging me quite a bit for this, but I just wanted some opinions on the below specs. Will this be sufficient for PC gaming? 1] Area-51
  9. I've actually considered giving WoW another shot because of this, and how I keep hearig that casual gamers are having a blast playing it. Well, that and Jeff Kaplan, the lead designer, is gone now. I really didn't like the direction he took the game in. With a new guy or gal in his spot, maybe WoW will return to its roots of being a PvE game first, with PvP mini-games acting as both a different aspect for players to explore and experience and as an alternative form of end-game. Get away from this e-sport crap.
  10. Keeping in mind I haven't played since September and don't even own WotLK, my own opinions may be a bit outdated. But the pecking order used to be (with talent spec type): Affliction Warlocks Restoration Druids Rogues (Shadowstep used to own in absurd fashion) Discipline Priests Arms Warriors Hunters Mages Restoration Shaman Retribution Paladin The above list is completely based on how well the spec/class performed in the Arenas. This was the primary reason I actually quit the game. Class balance became entirely based on the Arenas. Nothing else mattered. WoW became an e-sport, and the devs made no bones about moving the game in that direction. I myself am not a fan of arenas and never played in any of the seasons. I preferred the Battlegrounds and what little open world PvP existed. If you had an opinion, you were often times judged by how high your arena rating was. Not just your gear. Don't let me try to talk you out of at least giving the game a try and seeing for yourself if you like it or not. After all, I have a few friends that continue to play the game and a number of co-workers that still play it and enjoy it immensely. In fact, from what I hear, if you are a casual gamer, WotLK is definitely the expansion for you. Also, in terms of powerful classes, it now appears the new Death Knights are the alpha class along with ret pallies and they are everywhere. (Which is another reason I quit playing the game - I always thought DKs should have been an extension of an existing class because it was billed as a Hero Class. I feared with DKs open to everyone, the game would become overwhelmed with them. Like how Jedi ruined SWG. And guess what's happening in WoW right now....) Anyway, it all depends on what you want to do in the game and what your playstyle is. If you like tanking, Protection Paladins, Protection Warriors, Feral Druids and whatever the tanking spec for Death Knights is, is the way to go. For healing, Holy Paladins, Holy Priests, Resto Druids and Resto Shaman. I don't know if DKs have a healing tree. For straight DPS, hunters, mages, warlocks, and rogues. Each class can spec in a number of different ways to support your playstyle, though. And while you are leveling, it's best to spec in the talent tree that will increase your damage output to speed up the XP gain. I also hear they may be allowing dual specs at level 80 in an upcoming patch or something. From my own experince, I played a druid to 60 over three years ago (when the class was gimped), a paladin to 70, a priest to 70, and a mage to 65. I have a thing for hybrids. Of those classes, the paladin was probably my favorite. At high levels, they are pretty badass.
  11. I played WoW for 3.5 years, so here's a little insight into the game: There are hundreds of servers in WoW, each with their own personality. It's impossible to recommend any specific server because there are nearly 12 million people that play the game. That said, I played on Skywall, which is a PvE server, three years ago and I found it had a great community. Very tight-knit, mature, and fun. Sure there were trolls and jerks, but for the most part, the server was very good. I rerolled to a PvP server about a year later. That server was Dark Iron, which had, in my opinion, the very worst community I ever encountered. A whole bunch of leetards (elitists) that liked to flex their epeens every chance they got. And the server wasn't even that good, but all the folks that ran Penny Arcade rolled on Dark Iron, so the community was terribad. I quite playing WoW back in September, but my last character was on the PvP server Arthas. Arthas reminded me a lot of Skywall, except that players on Arthas actually had skill. But the community was top knotch. Other servers I had rolled alts on were Eitrigg (PvE, pretty good community), Crushridge (PvP, horrible community) and Vashj (PvP, a low pop server that was virtually a ghost town). You're probably noticing that there is a direct correlation between the quality of the community and the type of server. Generally speaking, PvP servers draw out all the 14 year old jerks that have nothing better to do than to gank and grief and make other peoples playing time as miserable as possible. This is completely encouraged by Blizzard. PvE servers, meanwhile, tend to draw an older more mature crowd that is more into questing, raiding, and grouping. So, if you're new to the game, I'd recommend a PvE server so you can experience the game at your own pace and not have to worry about being ganked by someone 60 levels above you. Unless you just enjoy that kind of playstyle. I myself grew quite fond of PvP servers for the added threat while out questing. It kept me on my toes in an otherwise boring routine of rep grinding. Once you get to max level, PvP servers are more fun, though. Don't get me started on the gear gap. Hope all this helps.
  12. The CCA still exists; its mostly only used by Archie and DC Comics (for their young readers line) but still reviews and approves comics. AIUI the CCA was originally ran BY the Comics Companies (and was partially instituted by the original participants to kill EC Comics and Lev Gleason). IIRC one of the Archie Publishers was the original CMAA's Code Administrator. By the late seventies (at least) boobs and naked butts could be seen in PG movies (provided that there was no sexual connotations). The PG-13 rating really skewed violence and nudity around. Unless you're watching National Geographic or some Discovery Channel special about breast cancer, I don't think boobs could ever be seen as anything but sexual in nature.
  13. In a game where you follow hawks to jump off the highest buildings possible and land unharmed in shallow haystacks, your biggest problem is that dying people can utter a few words? Genius at work. This.
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