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Found 5 results

  1. There needs to be an indicator and locator for items such as Milk Molars and Trinkets, if they are required for end game 100% completion. Its annoying to blindly go through every nook and cranny again to figure out what you missed, and where its located. Most people will say you can just google it, but that's not an excusable solution. Every problem and solution should be contained in the game. I'd also like to add that item description of abilities should be better displayed and explained instead of having to go to the icon that appears in trait. It just seems more user friendly. I see a lot of forums and chats where people are googling things that they shouldn't need to. Just some ideas on ease and accessibility. Thanks, love the game!
  2. After mowing down every enemy in the game (on normal difficulty), I'm a bit disappointed that Obsidian chose to make the end boss (RAM, when siding with Phineas) ridiculously OP. It's fine to make bosses difficult - that's why they're bosses, but RAM has 16 times the health of other end game enemies and special abilities that make defeating him tedious rather than fun. Edit: After a respec, some equipment mods, and a careful selection of companion behaviors and gear, RAM is a pushover.
  3. Short and sweet : New game+ Like Chrono Trigger style. After completing the game, i would LOVE the option to start over with all my gear/levels/stats or any combinations of the three. Perhaps beating the game allows you to choose which to carry over, items or exp. Its just such a shame to get ALL the cool gear and only have one or two maps left to clear. Having beaten all the content on POTD now i still want to play! Help prolong playtime! Thoughts? improvements? ideas?
  4. Please, Sir, I want some more. Or maybe some DLC? Anything to keep me going..
  5. I think balancing an RPG for the end game can be pretty difficult because you have to account a lot of theoretical party complexity. On one hand, you don't want encounters to be too hard, you want the pacing to match the development of the player's party. On the other hand, players can be very good at exploiting mechanics. Although SoA doesn't have this as much, Throne of Baal has many, many moments where my group could just right click entire enemy groups to death without breaking a sweat, seldom having to actually use any of my upper tier abilities to clear most enemies. And really, despite its rough spots, I was able to clear Watcher's Keep before clearing the Underdark in my second playthrough (granted, I chose to skip fighting the final boss, knew I stood no chance) ... and that place is pretty freakin' ridiculous. Even some of the fiercest challenges can be beaten with the right party makeup and tenacity. I know Obsidian has talked about its current stance on difficulty, adding a few modes to enhance difficulty, and to tailor enhanced levels of difficulty by adding diversity and size to monster packs instead of just buffing damage and health. But I was wondering, perhaps, if there should, or could be a rudimentary little check after a certain point, to see how "easy" the last fight was. On higher difficulty levels, I was thinking, what if there were something like L4D's ai director? Towards the end game, this director would kick in after checking to see whether you're right-clicking things to death or not. If you are, it would further add to enemy diversity and perhaps unlock certain abilities for monsters, to further enhance difficulty? And if you start wiping a lot afterwards, it would turn back the difficulty to normal. Just an idea anyway. Not saying it should be all game long, or exist on the easier difficulties. Just that, in spite of a developer's best intentions, a game may still be "too easy" for some players, given the right items and party make-up.
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