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  1. Cut content strikes again. How many more shall we discover? I can only say that it was a nice little mini-game... but yeah, from story perspecive, baffling.
  2. Absolutely hilarious!!! (w00t) I've heard of back translations but god... those were just... stupidly funny!! My favourite one had to be this: "He's in my behind!" (w00t)
  3. As usual Zulu, your skills amaze me! And as a Star Wars buff, I recognise that ship; it is a Victory Star Destroyer. Love the angle of it, and it looks very very good indeed. Awesomely awesome work on the shading/lighting too. And yeah, I know the complicities of photoshop all too well. I feel your pain. P.S. If you must know; I haven't posted anything in months, because I haven't done anything related to Star Wars in months. I've been doing Anime stuff over on my deviantArt site.
  4. That comment about Bao's pillow talk makes me wonder about other things. For example... Bao-Dur is an Iridonian, and you're human. That raises a great mnay questions! 1. Are Iridonian and Human DNA compatible for babies? If so, what kind of monster would they create? 2. Would all his... equipment be in the right place? I mean come on; not all aliens have it in the crotches you know. 3. How are they gonna be able to keep private in the Ebon Hawk? It's not exaclty the most private place - especially with that security system. 4. What the hell will the after smoke be? Bao is a drugged
  5. There's hardly anything of what you could call "romance" in K2 at the minute. Handmaiden: explained above - plus, she tells you her real name. (That's got to mean something. Visas: The most we get as the Male Exile is: looking upon each other. (This does have it's benefits when concerning Visas.) There was supposed to be a sort of love triangle develop between the above three... but cut content means nothing really happens. With the Female Exile, again, there is great potential for the 'love-triangle', but it was again cut. It never really goes anywhere. And no ro
  6. Recently, I found this bit of news on the web: "As a leading representative of BioWare Corp. given the mamoth task of publicising the next in the series of Knights Of The Old Republic games (KOTOR 3), I have permission to confirm that this title is now several months underway. This may come as a surprise to those who are currently reading this, as it was previously believed that the KOTOR staff had been cut from the LucasArts project. I can also confirm that the KOTOR 3 team is now officially on LucasArts budget and eagerly developing what we hope to be a 'must have' title on as of yet
  7. Well, if the problem is that you are using a German version of the game, then unless you find a German version of the mod, it won't work. Language barriers mean it just isn't compatible. The only chance you've got is to find a German version of the mod. If there isn't one, then... well, your stuck. Sorry.
  8. I agree with Kyrivian. I do much prefer HK, especially with his personal items. Another reason is I prefer turning as many characters into Jedi as possible; including Atton, so I have him concentrate on melee. Mandalore as a melee-powerhouse is also excellent to have, especially on Onderon: Part 1. I do generally prefer to use melee anyway, so that leaves me with T3, HK, and G0T0 as my gunmen choices. To this, HK is easily the best of the gunmen, though T3 is a good substitute. G0T0? ... <_<
  9. "Greetings. I am C-3PO, human-cyborg relations." "Sarcastic Greeting: I am HK-47; life and death situational relations. Query: 'Human'-cyborg relations?" "Yes, that means-" "-That you are no better than the meatbag that created you. Query: Master, might I shoot him." "Meh, sure, it's not like his master is around." "Nonono, wait, please, I don't-" BOOM! "Dissapointment: I was hoping he'd have some squishy parts in him. He did say 'human-cyborg' relations." "Oh sod it. HK, come with me, we're going to kill Disciple." "Exclamation: Oh goody!"
  10. I think what you are doing; is that you are trying to install it inside the "Override" file. What you actually want to do, is install it in the game directory, the area before you enter the "Override" file. (It'll show files such as "data", "lips" etc). Install it there.
  11. - Browsing the net for naughty images of Twi'Leks (w00t)
  12. Well, it truly depends on what you want the effect or eventual outcome to be. The Death Star's primary purpose was fear. Huge space-station that can destroy a planet with the flick of a gunners wrist and an Emperor's command. Good if want to strike fear into an empire that's discontent... The Death Star also has massive potential as a freakin' huge troop transport. The problem arises with destroying planets. With each planet you destroy, you lose potential resources that could've been conquered, and then used to build more units and what not. The Star Forge - build, build, build. That'
  13. For the Malak battle - in a movie - the best thing they'd be able to do for movies is to have them talk while fighting at the same time, and then Malak to get a very small opening, (like kicking Revan away or something), and drain a Jedi. Obviously, in a movie, doing this nine times would be stupid, so then Revan would either have to kill him or destroy the other eight chambers with a force power. As for Kreia's 3 lightsabers technique - in a movie, some/many fans would probably see it as the new epitomy of cool. The main problem with it in K2 was that while controlling them, Kreia gave no
  14. In the SW Universe, it is said that lightsabers orignally derived mining lasers. So one day, it's probable we'll get those mining lasers. As for actual lightsabers that can slash, slice, dice, and focus light into a sword like way... erm... Possible, but it's pretty unlikely. Unless they find a way to focus the light into the correct shape - which would require some pretty complicated tech - I don't think it would work. As for blasters and whatnot, well, we're already on the way to those blasters and Stormtroopers rifles, so at least we can look forward to those. :D
  15. Tie between Anankin and Bandon for me. Anakin was basically one of those nagging children. "Oh, I'm strong. Oh I want to do this. Oh please let me do this. If you don't I'll scream!" Bandon was flat. There was nothing to his character in K1. it was as if he was a last minute addition to the script.
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